About Us

The Alexylva Paradox is paranational corporate entity founded in YC114 by capsuleers Saede Riordan, Fraxi Nilanth, Streya Jormagdnir, and Shiroh Yatamii. Espousing a radical extropian ethos, the Alexylva Paradox established Origin, an independent colony in Anoikis, in early YC115. Acting as a haven for transhumanists of all stripes, Origin maintains political independence from the Known Space empires and rejects CONCORD dogma regarding infomorphs, multiples, conjoiners, and AI. Since then, the Alexylva Paradox has acted as a defensive force for the Origin colonies while working to spread their utopian ideals across all of Known Space.


Wormholes, sleepers, drifters, ancient mysteries and emergent threats. The three thousand solar systems of Anoikis are a vast and unforgiving realm, but we do our best to make them into a place we can call home.


Origin is our colony in Anoikis, a home to transhumanists and outcasts from Known Space. A diverse and prosperous system, Origin has a colonists from all four empires and beyond spread across her nine worlds.


Many members of the Alexylva Paradox are prolific writers, and have produced a large volume of lore and fiction relating to New Eden and Anoikis, everything from short stories and lore articles to whole novellas.


The Alexylva Paradox runs and is involved with a variety of ongoing events both in space and out, and in the constantly evolving world of EVE, we almost always have something fun up our sleeves. We also maintain our own news outlet, Transhumanity Today.


We’re a welcoming home for new and veteran players alike, and we take both alpha and omega characters. Laid back and LGBT friendly, we maintain a fun and positive atmosphere that can be hard to find in the darkness of deep space. Join us today!


As an eight year old corporation, The Alexylva Paradox has a rich and storied history full of amazing highs and terrible lows. Our story is a microcosm of that of New Eden as a whole, and it’s one we’d love to share with you.


Standings requests, diplomatic overtures, alliance proposals, war declarations, and other political discourse.


Get the pod! Get the pod! A record of our most recent kills and losses all across space.


The leadership and pilots of the Alexylva Paradox are a diverse gang of vagabonds and rogues.