Foundation City Development Ahead of Schedule

Transhumanity Today

Foundation City Development Ahead of Schedule

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance — Thanks to the hard work of industrial startup Intrasolar Fabrications, development of the first phase structures on the Renaissance Colony are proceeding almost a month ahead of schedule.

We interviewed Intrasolar CEO Nigel Isaacs at the site of the Foundation City General Hospital, which his company is in the final phases of constructing.

“Nigel, welcome to Transhumanity Today.”

“Hello Mira, its great to be here. We’re all really excited about winning the bid for this project. This opens a lot of doors for us, and we want to make an impact in the fabrications industry.”

“In addition to the hospital construction bid, is it true that your company is also responsible for the construction of the offshore windfarm?”

“Yeah, we dropped the first phase, that’s fifty turbines, back around the end of December so we’d have power to run the rest of our equipment on site. We technically didn’t need to have the phase one windfarm done until the end of February, but we’re operating like a month and a half ahead of schedule, so we figured we’d just go ahead and drop phase two by that date instead.”

Isaacs’ confident and carefree demeanor might seem out of place in one of the most competitive and demanding industries around, yet he says his company’s unique methods are so far ahead of their competition that they may as well be competing in an entirely different league.

“What you’ve got to understand Mira, is that our additive assembly process works a few orders of magnitude faster then the traditional assemblers, and we can speed it up even further too. Its a whole new game here.”

Isaacs’ company was first selected from eleven candidate startups for the development of the ring shaped First District, winning the bids for wind farm and hospital construction. Being so far ahead of schedule, it is likely that further bids will be awarded to the company.

“So Nigel, What do you feel you owe your stunning success to?”

“My genius of course.” Isaacs laughs, “Of course, I have a brilliant team, some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The engineers responsible for our enacting our new fabrication methods, the designers, architects, everyone really came together to make this possible.”

“So where does Intrasolar go from here?”

“We’ve got several contracts from private groups, we’ll be building the University Commons, Campus Life, a Cafeteria and two dorm rooms for Foundation University, and one of the citizen’s co-ops has discussed using us as their contractor for building their apartments. I of course have always aimed higher.”

“Care to share that aim with the audience?”

“Well, there’s going to be a Skyhook going up on Renaissance within a year or two. We’d like to be the ones putting it there.”

The Foundation City General Hospital will be opening for patients on February 1st. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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