Missing Scientists Spark Ethics Debate

Transhumanity Today

Missing Scientists Spark Ethics Debate

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Apophenia-Renaissance Lagrange — Two astrophysicists are missing today in Indigo City. Classified police reports leaked to Transhumanity Today indicate that the young scientists went missing early in the day on January 20th; however, the administration and the families of the pair chose to keep the investigation a secret, citing public alarm and lack of information. But now, with almost a month passed since the two have gone missing, the families have decided to go public in attempt to locate their loved ones.

Arkady Julan (female, 24, Jin-Mei, black hair, green eyes) and Kyobi Maelrend (male, 23, Sebiestor, brown hair, brown eyes) both went missing from Indigo City on the morning of January 20th. They were last seen together via CCHV after leaving their respective housing ships, en route for their day jobs as interns under the prestigious Dr. Amota Khitari. Dr. Khitari was the first to report the pair missing, after they failed to report for their shift, expecting the pair had decided to elope. “They were always goggling each other” the doctor was reported having said.

When it was determined that the young couple was not at either of their homes, a manhunt was begun. While the administration is keeping a tight lid on their internal investigation procedures, several witnesses report seeing a warclone mercenary aboard Indigo City, acting in the role of an official investigator.

With nearly a month having gone by with no sign of the pair and little evidence, prospects of their being found appear bleak. While both Julan and Maelrend have clone backups, a fierce debate has started over the ethical ramifications of re-lifing the pair, without evidence of their deaths.

“Imagine coming home from a long trip, and finding someone else was now living your life.” Says cloning services manager Mikai Heliokanen. “If no foul play is involved, and they did just elope, it puts us in a very bad position if we re-life them now.”

Julan’s mother however, is not convinced. “Arkady loved her work, and her family. She would always come home so full of energy, bursting to talk about her day.” Said Melisandra Julan from the kitchen of her home aboard Indigo City. “I just know something’s happened to her, I just know it. She wouldn’t run off like this. It isn’t who she is.”

The administration has as of yet, failed to provide comment on either side, beyond stating that an ongoing investigation is not a matter of public discourse.

If you see either of this pair, it is requested that you report it immediately to the Origin Department of Investigations. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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