BREAKING: Kor’ali Rocked By Massive Explosion

Skarkon Station Free Press

BREAKING: Kor’ali Rocked By Massive Explosion

By Jerindine Orindold

Only a day after the attack on the Sa’kak to Kor’ali ferry route, an enormous radioactive explosion has forced the evacuation of large portions of the city of Kor’ali. The twelve kiloton blast originated in the riverside slums and obliterated large portions of the city’s northwest district as well as sending up a deadly radioactive plume. Fires have spread radioactive ash over much of the city and the surviving administration is calling for evacuations and emergency medical aid. Accounts of acute radiation poisoning are already being reported throughout the surrounding area as radioactive fallout spreads away from the blast on the western winds.

While responsibility for the attack remains unclaimed, humanitarian organizations were quick to decry the dirty bomb’s use as barbaric and inhumane. The death toll from the initial fireball is estimated to be at least twenty thousand, and the intense radiation has led many to fear the final death toll may be as high as one hundred thousand, making this the worst tragedy to befall the impoverished desert planet since the elevator crash and ensuing famine of YC109-110.

Although the cause and reason for the attack may take some time to determine, expert analysis of local video and sensor data has revealed that a four kiloton antimatter explosion preceded the larger and dirtier explosion by several milliseconds. It is believed that this antimatter blast occurred in the immediate proximity of a large number of plutonium fuel cells, some of which exploded themselves and others of which were broken apart by the blast, spreading radioactive contaminants across the city. This attack marks the largest potential escalation so far in the conflict between the Krullefor Organization and the Angel Cartel and has led many to fear that this may only be the beginnings of wide-scale open warfare on the Skarkon II. I’m Jerindine Orindold, reporting from the Skarkon II capital of Sahaal for the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Above: Rescue workers pick through still burning rubble in Kor’ali.

Saede Riordan

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