BREAKING: Origin Invaded!

Transhumanity Today

BREAKING: Origin Invaded!

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synaesthesia L1 – Intrasolar commerce has ground to a halt following the sudden invasion of Origin by forces belonging to the Federation of Independent Stellar Systems. The Origin Colonial Authority has locked down the system and set the alert status to black for the first time in colonial history. 

Black Alert was issued following an initial intel leak hinting at the possibility of an intending strike, followed by actionable intelligence provided by scout forces that matched the intel to forces seeding themselves into the system. This meant evacuating all positions that could not be easily protected, activation of citywide defensive curtains all across the system, and the declaration of martial law. All civilian shipping has been halted, and mandatory evacuations are underway for stations seen as likely sites of conflict.

FISS forces began a coordinated offensive action in the earlier hours of October 7th, anchoring siege towers and knocking the antique defense picket towers into reinforced mode. Origin Colonial Authority forces clashed with the invaders around Crucifix and the Juno wormhole, trading an interceptor for a battleship and successfully wrestling hole control back from the attacking forces, allowing for a flood of allied corporations and alliances to begin pouring into Origin.

OCA and alliance forces struck back later in the day, reinforcing the FISS towers and enclosing them in warp disruption field generators. The conflict is expected to go on for the majority of the weekend, with the possibility of combat operations extending into early next week.

Citizens are urged to seek shelter within designated shelter areas, remain inside city defensive curtains, and avoid unnecessary travel. Sources within the OCA state that leadership remains confident the threat can be repulsed, but the invasion forces still represent a significant threat to the safety and stability of the system.

Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be bringing you news of the conflict every step of the way. Reporting live from Indigo City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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