BREAKING: Transport Ship Crashes on Arboria, Indigo City Suffers Power Failure!

Transhumanity Today

BREAKING: Transport Ship Crashes on Arboria, Indigo City Suffers Power Failure!

By Mira Ming Wei

Satyria, Arboria – Shockwaves reverberated throughout the Origin System after the transport ship Wall Runner crashed on Arboria earlier this morning. The ship, carrying vital fuel and other supplies for Indigo City, crashed on the uninhabited continent of Argeria with all hands. 

Following the crash, Indigo City was forced to go into an emergency low power mode, and for nearly two hours the primary forcefield of the station went offline. Station Coordinator Althas Ananzine called the event a near tragedy. 

“If someone had caught us in that crucial moment of weakness, it could have been the end of us. Hundreds of thousands could have perished.” The coordinator went on to commend capsuleers Gwen Ikiryo and Jade Backwind for emergency fueling operations they conducted to get the tower shields back up. “Without the bravery of these pilots, we could have had a death toll almost too high to fathom.” said Ananzine speaking from her office. Regular operations at Indigo City have resumed, and standard fuelling runs have begun again, but on Arboria, the rescue and investigation into the crash is just beginning. 

The 92 members of the Wall Runner are unaccounted for, and given that the vessel underwent an uncontrolled reenty, no survivors are expected.  The process of finding and recovering the wreck is already underway, with survey teams combing the jungle for pieces of the lost ship.

“The Wall Runner crashed in an unoccupied area of thick forests and hills, and debris is recorded as having fallen over an area of nearly 200 square kilometres.” said the Coordinator of Satyria, Emilia Kane. “We are doing everything in our power to find any survivors, and our prayers go out to the families of the lost crew.” 

More updates on this breaking situation as they arrive. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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