Building a Home

Transhumanity Today

Building a Home

By Caera Clarke

Foundation City, Renaissance – Construction gantries are rising in one of the oldest docking sectors of Foundation City this morning following the announcement by Akane Construction of a city wide renovation of over 250 Children’s Homes. The massive project is expected to last well into the next cycle and who is footing the bill? None other than the enigmatic Araai Foundation. Since it’s inception in 116, prior to the completion of Foundation City itself, The Araai Foundation has overseen some of the largest humanitarian projects in Origin, including nearly 45% of all Children’s Homes. While the funding for Araai has never been made public, sources have long suspected the patronage of some of the more illustrious capsuleers in the system including whispered cofounder; Naraish Adarn.

Over the past two years almost all children’s homes, both privately funded and public, have begun to fall slowly into disrepair. While some feel that the stipend provided by the government is not enough, others point to widespread corruption and embezzlement within the system as the cause for disrepair. Those properties overseen by the Araai Foundation have typically rated higher than most others in inspections, leading some to question the motives of this latest expenditure. One community member, Mistress Sdint, the caretaker of a local religious based Kinderhaus questioned whether the money should go to better staffing any number of the many for profit homes; “Kids in those drone farms have it the worst, not even a body to hold them. I know they are probably dirty; the owners i mean, but think of the kids.” In a public response to the opinions of those like Mistress Sdint, representatives of the Araai Foundation issued a statement that ‘it was the sincerity of their goals to house, feed, and indeed nurture the children in their care which forms the heart of their Foundation.’ And also that it is this commitment which they feel attracts the uncommon charity that they’ve received.

Even amidst the renovations, new homes are being built almost weekly as more and more children, refugees from the Empire wars, survivors of sudden furious Anoikis battles, or even kids who have had to wait too long for their parents to re-clone; crew of our very own Alexylva Paradox find themselves in need of shelter. Savvy entrepreneurs, eagre to capitalize on the need have found a niche in providing for the increased demand by staffing their facilities primarily with drones even as more and more adults are finding work as crew aboard Origins ever expanding fleet.  Current regulations require that every home be administrated by at least one sentient; regulations that have also been recently called into question. The previous Second Council who ratified the regulation touted it as “an unprecedented opportunity for the digitally minded” as they clearly hoped that the expanding role would appeal to administrators of the AI minority in Origin. The truth, sadly, would come to be the exact opposite. A recent study out of Renaissance University found that while there was enough skilled AI laborers to manage the need, owners prefered to hire less skilled labor in favor of improved profits, thus clinging to the letter of the law rather than the spirit.  

The authors of the university study have recently distributed a petition to lobby the upcoming Second Council to make specific amendments to the subsections of the Exodus Charter to further restrict Children’s Home management where base needs are found to be substandard. The petition is gaining strength and even as one Foundation has taken conditions into their own hands, we may yet see a complete overhaul of what is at current, an incredibly lucrative loophole at the expense of our youth.

Standing dockside in Foundation City, this is Caera Clarke for Transhumanity Today.

Xepharious Wrynn

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