Community Memorial Center to Open

Transhumanity Today

Community Memorial Center to Open

By Caera Clarke

Community leaders filled the stage for the opening ceremony of the new, B-4-Life Community Center, held today on the anniversary of tragic Prith Junction Attack. The ceremony comes just days before the Day of Governance and the re-writing of the Exodus Charter leading many to question the sincere attendance of so many high ranking officials; or whether the opportunity for PR was just too good to pass up.

In the crowd today were the children of Prith Junction who, while overjoyed at the Center’s opening, had this to say as well: “We know our [parents] would have been so positive about [the Center] but we only wish it had been there for them, perhaps with the education and support which we expect this new center to provide they would have been here to experience it themselves.” Recently proposed changes to the Charter have favored sweeping moves toward further protections and even financial support for the digitally minded. These changes were quickly supported and ratified by the Sentient Equilibrium leaving some to wonder if the idea for such changes hadn’t come from the omnipresent AI in the first place.  

For many, this day is also held a day of remembrance to those who have given their life in the advancement and protection of Origin. It was on the first anniversary of the Prith Junction Attack that new statutes were put in place to require the backup of both AI and Human consciousness on multiple off-planet databanks in the hope that never again could a single malicious being take out both the sentient beings as well as their backups in a single cyber-attack. And, while the attack did come at great cost of life, the legacy of those lost lives on in the very dynastic progeny for which they had given all to bring into this system. Their sacrifice has given hope to many digitally minded parents throughout Origin and in the few years following the tragedy, advancements in their original methods have made it possible for a whole new generation.

The ceremony also heralds a weekend of festivals and children’s amusements and games to be held in the public spaces surrounding the new building. Concerts and entertainment are planned to extend into the night including a surprise appearance by Prith Junction’s own prodigal child; Bee3 as well as a scheduled fly-over of Alexylva Paradox’s own Omega Bomber Squadron.

From the outskirts of Foundation City and beneath the oncoming roar of cloaked bombers, this is Caera Clark for Transhumanity Today.

Xepharious Wrynn

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