Contact Made With Escaped Slaves in Argeria

Transhumanity Today

Contact Made With Escaped Slaves in Argeria

By Mira Ming Wei

An expedition to the Arboria’s southern continent by the Kiora Clan, a group of freed slaves from the original plantations operated by Far Eastern WH prior to their liberation by the Alexylva Paradox has successfully made contact with their escaped kin in the Argerian Rainforest.

“Today is a day of rejoicing for our people come a little closer to being made whole again,” said clan elder Arwise Allons, leader of the expedition.

The Kiora expedition faced stiff opposition from the Board of Coordinators and Emilia Kane in particular following the grisly execution of a three man search team during the hunt for survivors of the crashed freighter Wall Runner, but thanks to an alliance between Kiora and several local clans, the expedition was allowed to go through.

The expedition found nearly four hundred escaped slaves living in a hidden village deep in the jungle. Now that they have been informed of the liberation of Origin from Far Eastern WH, they have established contact and peaceful relations with the system at large.

This unfortunately occurred too late for the survivors of the Wall Runner who it was revealed were killed by the villagers when their shipwreck was discovered, out of fear they would report evidence of their presence to their former slave masters.

All 87 members of the Wall Runner crew with clone backups have been added to the re-life queue, while memorial services are being held in Indigo City for the five crew members without backups. This event has caused some members of the Board of Coordinators to push for more stringent requirements around backups for all ships operating in Orgin, not just combat ships, but the debate around the issue has yet to be decided.

The Judicial Convention has declined to press charges on any of the Argerian natives, calling the loss of life a tragic mistake but not one worth creating additional hostilities over. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today

Saede Riordan

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