Diplomatic Overtures

Transhumanity Today

Diplomatic Overtures

By Caera Clarke

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synesthesia L1 – Later this week, beginning at a time not yet disclosed to us at Transhumanity Today, Origin will play host to a representative of the Amarrian corporation Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque or SFRIM. Tensions between Alexylva Paradox and SFRIM have been high since the alleged raid on SFRIM’s principal corporate facility last year. ThT has obtained unsubstantiated reports that a raid was conducted for the expressed purpose of gaining access to and obtaining enslaved sapients currently undergoing Vitoxin treatment on the premises. The raid, however, ultimately failed to produce any such enslaved persons and no such raid was approved by the Board of Coordinators who also claim no knowledge of the breaching action. Meanwhile, sources within SFRIM contend that they have proof of ALXVP involvement in a raid upon what SFRIM alleges was actually a large scale humanitarian relief effort relating to refugees suffering from a range of medical and psychological trauma, including the necessity of Vitoxin treatment.  SFRIM has issued no further public statement about this issue but maintains that their goals and corporate mandate continue to be in full support of all peoples within the Empire.

The SFRIM emissary’s visit this week marks a significant turn in both this tepid relationship as well as ALXVP policy. It should not be surprising to many of our viewers or listeners that openly inviting a known enemy into the system represents a significant departure from standing operating security. Origin Security Services has been tasked with the emissary’s safety while in system. We approached the OSS for their opinion on the visit however their representatives had only this to say: “The OSS is proud to be asked to handle the security of such a diplomatic visit. As such, we will be assigning our best available assets to maintain the highest standard of security for the SFRIM Emissary throughout the duration of his visit.

The SFRIM emissary’s itinerary has not been released however ThT has learned from key sources that Gateway Ché Biko will personally be leading the talks. When considered alongside the sudden increase in fabrication of the Gateway’s new offices at Icarus, we at ThT expect at least initial talks to commence within the central system rather than planetside on Renaissance.   The decision to host the talks on-station may be in response to increased negative response from certain cultural heritage factions on both Renaissance and Terminus who feel that any diplomatic overtures made towards such resolute supporters of the Amarr Empire could embolden Amarr sub-cultural factions within Origin to push for further allowances when next the Exodus Charter is put for review. An amendment to the charter proposed late last year to allow ‘self-chosen service’ was struck down by the 2nd Council of Terminus; citing that it was quote, “…just a new name for the same ancient evil.” It is feared by many that further diplomatic association with member corporations of the Amarr Empire may mean yet further attempts to push what one community representative called ‘slippery slavery semantics.’ Meanwhile, the normally reserved and publicly silent Sani Sabadine conclave has heralded the new diplomatic overtures as a potential avenue for sharing their pacifist faith and views with others of the Amarr faith and to welcome a whole new flock of pilgrims to their congregations.

While the complete ramifications of the impending talks are yet to be seen, it is clear to see that many eyes throughout the system will be set upon the negotiations. From our offices at Indigo City, this is Caera Clarke for Transhumanity Today.

Xepharious Wrynn

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