Eram Protest Logs

[ 2020.05.27 18:32:34 ] Saede Riordan > Cousins! Molden Heath burns and cries out for relief from the tribes! Will you answer their pleas or will you remain silent and complacent as your kin suffer and die?!
[ 2020.05.27 18:34:06 ] Saede Riordan > Acassa Midular! Your people call for aid! Will you answer their pleas?
[ 2020.05.27 18:34:54 ] Streya Jormagdnir > I stand with you, as always. Solidarity from a native of Gulfonodi.
[ 2020.05.27 18:35:31 ] Saede Riordan > Molden Heath demands justice!
[ 2020.05.27 18:36:03 ] Tenris Lokarr > stationnary at Sebiestor Headquarters, evaluating protestation situation
[ 2020.05.27 18:36:47 ] Tenris Lokarr > looks around for any Electus Matari representatives
[ 2020.05.27 18:36:49 ] Saede Riordan > The Tribes of the core worlds have grown fat on the wealth and resources of the Heath while our children starve, exiled from the light of Father Pator! Will this injustice go unanswered?
[ 2020.05.27 18:38:31 ] Karynn Denton > Clan LekhantsĂ­ stands with you and the people of Molden Heath, cousin!
[ 2020.05.27 18:39:03 ] Streya Jormagdnir > How much blood was spilled by the clone soldiers used by the megas, both domestic and foreign, in the Heath? How many colonies wiped out? And before that, how many were under the thumb of the cartels or other criminals? How many are still waiting? Never forget!
[ 2020.05.27 18:39:19 ] Walter Islands > Ew chaos is a good match for MordenHeath. Region for war clones.
[ 2020.05.27 18:39:53 ] Tenris Lokarr > It seems most of the Midularite diplomats have prefered not to join Saede Riordan I deeply regret Core system didn’t get of how much importance this issue is
[ 2020.05.27 18:42:01 ] Tenris Lokarr > Molden Heat is being plundered by its own kin without any return. This must end!
[ 2020.05.27 18:43:38 ] Saede Riordan > Molden Heath demands justice! We demand that our voices be heard! The people of the Heath will not allow themselves to remain marginalized by the tribes any longer!
[ 2020.05.27 18:44:07 ] Turbo Stargazer > okay guys, you’ve said your piece, plz move on
[ 2020.05.27 18:47:02 ] Saede Riordan > This day marks the beginning of a new dawn in Molden Heath! In cities and on stations all across the Heath protests and strikes are taking place in concert and in solidarity with those whose lives have been destroyed by the greed of the core systems!
[ 2020.05.27 18:47:24 ] Saede Riordan > Together in one voice we demand justice!
[ 2020.05.27 18:48:26 ] Walter Islands > Their words are like the propaganda of angel cartel in the old days
[ 2020.05.27 18:49:49 ] Tenris Lokarr > The Republic can’t be built on religious persecution or elite plundering of its own people!
[ 2020.05.27 18:50:20 ] Streya Jormagdnir > Perhaps the Cartel’s rhetoric wouldn’t be so persuasive in the forgotten outer worlds if the people’s supposed government hadn’t abandoned them. The cartels are sickening, but the Republic has gifted entire segments of the population to exploitation under them.
[ 2020.05.27 18:51:43 ] Saede Riordan > A republic built on exploitation and class inequality is no better than the Empire! Cousins! The cycle of abuse must stop! Hear the please of your kin and stand with us!
[ 2020.05.27 18:53:03 ] Tenris Lokarr > Are we, Militians, sweating rust and blood for such a fate?
[ 2020.05.27 18:56:56 ] Saede Riordan > What do we want?
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:01 ] Streya Jormagdnir > Justice!
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:06 ] Saede Riordan > When do we want it?
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:09 ] Streya Jormagdnir > Now!
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:12 ] Karynn Denton > NOW!
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:26 ] Khaprice > Oh my.. Hi!
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:33 ] Walter Islands > This sounds anarchist words rather than reformist
[ 2020.05.27 18:57:35 ] Tenris Lokarr > For who and what are we fighting for in the Bleak Lands?
[ 2020.05.27 18:58:14 ] Tenris Lokarr > *salutes Khaprice *
[ 2020.05.27 18:59:05 ] Saede Riordan > Molden Heath demands that our voices be heard! We demand fair representation among the tribes and control of our homes! The people of the Heath will not allow our systems to be plundered while we starve any longer!
[ 2020.05.27 19:02:47 ] Saede Riordan > We demand Justice!
[ 2020.05.27 19:02:58 ] Streya Jormagdnir > (Hold steady lasses, the Autosythian Lancers won’t do more than scan us if we do nothing back)
[ 2020.05.27 19:03:20 ] Karynn Denton > Justice for the People of the Heath!
[ 2020.05.27 19:03:47 ] Richard Fitz-Well > Kill them all
[ 2020.05.27 19:04:20 ] Streya Jormagdnir > Justice for the forgotten peoples of the outer worlds!
[ 2020.05.27 19:04:29 ] Saede Riordan > The Republic is unfair! Vuld Haupt is in there! Standing at the procession! Plotting his oppression!
[ 2020.05.27 19:04:42 ] Walter Islands > Trig is invading Muttokon and MordenHeath right now. But they openly rebel against the Republic under such circumstances. I wonder if these guys are Trig operatives, not cartels?
[ 2020.05.27 19:06:28 ] Streya Jormagdnir > Republic, Angel, Triglavian. They’re all just boots on the neck, ultimately.
[ 2020.05.27 19:08:23 ] Richard Fitz-Well > Anarchy, and freedom from our concord oppessors.
[ 2020.05.27 19:08:59 ] Saede Riordan > There’s always something more important right? Either its the Empire, or Sansha, or Triglavians, there’s always something more important than helping the people of the Heath and so we are left to the exploitation of the corporations and the abusive landholding clans! It must end! Justice for the people of the Heath is not something that can be put on the backburner forever!
[ 2020.05.27 19:10:27 ] Tenris Lokarr > without mentionning religious persecution over the newly freed slaves
[ 2020.05.27 19:10:47 ] Tenris Lokarr > by our own kin
[ 2020.05.27 19:10:48 ] Saede Riordan > The corporations and rich landholding clans exploit the Heath while the Republic stands silent and allows the abuse to continue without recourse! We will not allow this crime to go unanswered! We will not allow our children to starve any longer! We will not allow our elders to choke and die in mines where they barely make enough to survive!
[ 2020.05.27 19:14:06 ] Saede Riordan > The republic must be a place of freedom for all Matari! It should not matter what religion they follow or how old their traditions are! We are all of one blood!
[ 2020.05.27 19:14:39 ] William Bradofrd > here we go, another uprising…
[ 2020.05.27 19:16:28 ] Walter Islands > Matari’s daily uprising life
[ 2020.05.27 19:18:12 ] Richard Fitz-Well > I am an engineered immortal clone. I am the next step in Evolution, why should I risk my isk to save lessor beings?
[ 2020.05.27 19:18:49 ] Saede Riordan > I have here with me Serine Gulfodrald of the Kerindrald Clan of the Vele’kor subtribe, I would like her to share a few words, Serine, go on.
[ 2020.05.27 19:21:15 ] Serine Gulfodrald > my clan hails from a mining colony in Ennur, for years we have suffered under the boot of the Minmatar Mining Corporation while the republic and the tribes have done nothing. We we tried to stand up for ourselves, our strike was put down with violence and twenty members of my clan were killed. But today the Skarkon-Ennur Mining Circle has called for strikes all across the systems in solidarity with my clan. We will not suffer in silence any longer!
[ 2020.05.27 19:23:26 ] Karynn Denton > Shame on the MMC! Justice for the Kerindrald Clan!
[ 2020.05.27 19:23:59 ] Saede Riordan > Justice!
[ 2020.05.27 19:24:04 ] Streya Jormagdnir > An injury to one is an injury to all!
[ 2020.05.27 19:24:19 ] Saede Riordan > An injury to one is an injury to all!
[ 2020.05.27 19:26:47 ] Saede Riordan > Acassa Midular! Will you remain silent to the pleas of your people?!
[ 2020.05.27 19:27:07 ] Tenris Lokarr > We’re no better than Caldari traders or Amarr foes if we don’t stand aside our Molden Heat cousins
[ 2020.05.27 19:32:32 ] Tenris Lokarr > Hope you’ll be heard and helped in your fair struggle Saede Riordan
[ 2020.05.27 19:32:57 ] Saede Riordan > Today is only the beginning cousins! Molden Heath will have its justice! We are but the messengers of the coming days! The systems of the Heath will not allow themselves to be abused any longer! If the Republic will not listen then we will make them listen!
[ 2020.05.27 19:34:34 ] MantelGlobalIndustries > I would hope that is conducted through peaceful methods.
[ 2020.05.27 19:37:56 ] Saede Riordan > Like the peaceful methods that got twenty members of the Kerindrald clan killed in cold blood?! Like the peaceful methods that have seen dozens killed when Spacelane Patrol thugs opened fire on peaceful protesters on Skarkon II? if violence comes let the history books show that we were not the ones to throw the first punch!
[ 2020.05.27 19:38:09 ] Saede Riordan > But we will not allow ourselves to be beaten while smiling politely any longer!
[ 2020.05.27 19:45:59 ] Saede Riordan > We will not allow the injustice against our people to go unanswered! The Heath will have its day! It is up to the Republic and their actions here and now as to whether when that day comes they rejoice for the salvation of their kin or tremble in fear as the injustice they afflicted returns to them as righteous vengance!
[ 2020.05.27 19:53:41 ] MantelGlobalIndustries > I would certainly hope that whatever ‘vengeance’ you are plotting to have manifest does not affect those that have nothing to do with what transpired in the Heath, as you so claim. Violence often has quite the unintended effects to what one desires. It will likely scuttle whatever sympathy your cause has.
[ 2020.05.27 19:54:47 ] Siroberon > Do you think the Minmitar are concerned with “Sympathy”? We are past that.
[ 2020.05.27 19:55:46 ] MantelGlobalIndustries > It certainly boosts one’s cause when they are trying to highlight the injustices that they suffered. Sympathy of the Heath’s plight from the right people in Metro, for example.
[ 2020.05.27 19:56:42 ] Siroberon > Eden has had since before the liberation to offer sympathy. It’s not been forthcoming. Freedom is our concern not your faux tears fo our coause
[ 2020.05.27 19:56:42 ] MantelGlobalIndustries > Now, if you’ll excuse me. I am off to assist the Republic Fleet in Muttokon. In the Heath. perhaps I shall see you there.
[ 2020.05.27 19:58:20 ] Saede Riordan > See how the core systems loyalists use weasel words to try and paint us as the aggressors? As the perpetrators of the very injustice we seek to correct?!
[ 2020.05.27 19:59:09 ] Saede Riordan > We will not let them DARVO us! They know who they are! The ones responsible for our oppression know what they have done! We will not allow them to claim victimhood after they have spent decades visiting opression and injustice upon us!
[ 2020.05.27 20:01:50 ] Siroberon > I no longer want their “sympathy”. The Amarr has plenty of that misplace comodity.
[ 2020.05.27 20:02:41 ] Saede Riordan > Sympathy will do nothing to end the suffering of the Heath! We demand justice!
[ 2020.05.27 20:08:50 ] Saede Riordan > We will not be silent! We will not be complacent! We will not smile and quietly suffer! We will have our justice!
[ 2020.05.27 20:15:23 ] Saede Riordan > Cousins! We beg you to hear our pleas! We beg that you answer us! We do not seek conflict with our kin! We merely seek safety and justice for our families!
[ 2020.05.27 20:19:07 ] Saede Riordan > Two roads present themselves moving forward! The first is a path of justice, reconciliation, and healing. The second is a path of conflict, strife and violence. The choice of which road is walked is up to the Republic and the tribes but the people of Molden Heath will have their day regardless of the path taken!
[ 2020.05.27 20:19:31 ] Saede Riordan > The boot will come off the neck of the Heath one way or the other! Find yourselves on the right side of history!
[ 2020.05.27 20:27:19 ] Saede Riordan > Choose justice my cousins! Choose to be the good guys!
[ 2020.05.27 20:30:32 ] Saede Riordan > Thank you everyone who has attended these protests today! This was the beginning! It will not be the end! A new dawn is beginning in Molden Heath!

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