Heritage Day in New Hyjn

Transhumanity Today

Heritage Day in New Hyjn

By Caera Clarke

New Hyjn, Renaissance – Record setting crowds are expected for the Matari exposition in the Promenade this evening as an unassuming children’s 7th level class prepares to make history. Earlier this month the 115th Sector Classroom petitioned the Festival Committee for the honor of reading the Tales at this year’s Cultural Festival. I spoke with the head-boy for the class, 12 year old Estith Cuurnes who both proposed the idea and who was ultimately given the honor of reading the first Tale, I asked him what had given him the idea and he had this to say; “It took a lot of courage for my parents to come [into Origin]. It took a lot of courage for the Coordinator to share these Tales. I only want to show as much courage as [they] did.” I further asked what Estith would say if he could meet the Coordinator; “I.. I don’t know. But I want to run a corporation just like her one day.”

New Hyjn, as its namesake implies, was originally settled by refugees fleeing Amarrian oppression. This will be the first time since the Tales were handed down by the Coordinator herself that they will be read publicly and you can positively feel the excitement reverberating from the towers.

Officials of the Festival Planning Committee expressed concern as to the impact this may have on those also celebrating their Amarr heritage; “Well, the reading of The Scriptures have always been met with some resistance in a city whose primary demographic has typically suffered under Amarr oppression, some quite recently…  …It is important to remember that we are all the People of Origin now, but that we all came from somewhere else.”

The Committee has come under fire in that past few years for their management of the week-long event. Prominent clergy claim that Chairman Hrathyn’s alleged associations with the Angel Cartel should have disqualified him from leading the committee while the Committee for Corporate Cultivation, the primary contributor to the Festival, has challenged the lack of Caldari representation.

Looking around at the brightly festooned gayety here in the Promenade, all politics seem to have been put aside and for now, an air of anticipation fills those gathering here today.

Reporting from Kinzer Cultural Promenade on day two of the Cultural Festival, this is Caera Clarke for Transhumanity Today.

Editor’s note: Sources within De Ecclesia in Sceptrum, a local chapel, requested not to be named. ThT does not share nor promote any particular set of religiously held beliefs. 

Xepharious Wrynn

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