Horde Incursion Obliterated

Transhumanity Today

Horde Incursion Obliterated

By Caera Clarke

Foundation City, Renaissance – A fireworks display of festival proportions illuminated Origin early this morning as the Paradox obliterated more than twenty pods, frigates and, destroyers throughout the system. What began as an unwarranted infiltration from Empire space by the notorious Pandemic Horde became a multi-ship, multi-system manhunt that lasted most of the morning. Officials within The Alexylva Paradox are not releasing any information at this time but the dazzling display has many citizens wondering what could have provoked such an invasion of Origin space.

One local shop owner, I01get describes what it saw; “I looked up eighteen degrees and the western sky was flashing like a… well like a rave-strobe then on and off again for hours, even reaching fifty-eight point four degrees by the end of it. The star wasn’t full up yet so it was there, clear as a beacon. I mean, I’ve seen some stuff in my time but never so… prolonged.” Others reacted differently, like dock foreman Avin Seccin; “It’s just one more example of how ALXVP and the Board are doing their jobs and keeping us safe. This was just some piffle-ships, imagine if it were twenty or so battleships. Yeah, then what? The Second Council needs to get off their collective arse and let our pilots, crews, and dock-workers do their jobs. Support the Pilots yo!” Avin was referring; of course, to the recent Council proposals to divert even further funding from Military Operations into Commercial Enterprises for Indigo City, a proposal which threatens to cut support staffing in half.

While public speculation continues, here at Transhumanity Today, our military experts are baffled by the complete lack of coordination seen in the Horde’s response to the Paradox’s counterinsurgency attack; “See, normally when pinned down by a counterinsurgency tactic as was used by our local defense commanders, conventional wisdom is to condense and accelerate, using your speed and agility to overwhelm the initial tackle. Barring that, a strategic retreat to your exit is likely to save at least most of your ships while sacrificing only a few. What we saw this morning was a complete nova from the moment Paradox ships arrived… ….rather than an organized retraction of forces, [Pandemic Horde] chose to scatter about, and remain in, the system”. Such tactics have left our experts baffled as to the ultimate goal of the assault even as Indigo City enters the final stages of renovation and repositioning. Speculation ranges from the station itself as the target, to a secret covert intelligence extraction, to even a failed defection from the Legion itself. Only one thing is certain as the flashes subside this afternoon, Origin is again safe, for now.

From our headquarters in Foundation City, this is Caera Clarke reporting for Transhumanity Today.

Xepharious Wrynn

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