Icarus Theatre Aflame

Transhumanity Today

Icarus Theatre Aflame

By Caera Clarke

Amidst stunning crowds and great anticipation, the young performer Bee and xer choir of young voices opened their new show, “Aurora,” in the prestigious Icarus Theatre last night. Using the spherical theatre’s unique gravity and viewing to full effect, the show featured blazing holo-projections amidst more than 20 different ribbon dancers in what some critics are calling “a golden star performance” with “overwhelming radiance.” Solar references aside, the nearly two hour show features all-new compositions set back to back in a continuous experience of music and spectacle. In fact, only xer now famous Tymothy’s Lament, the masterpiece which launched Bee’s career, stands alone as previously featured work. That gorgeous and sad melody which has griped all of our hearts, this humble reporter’s included, was brought to new soaring heights last night, sung a Capella and as a solitary voice; the apex of the entire show.

Transhumanity Today caught up with the young star after the show backstage where xe was quick to thank all of xer many fans and especially xer sponsors, without whom, xe says xer dreams could never have been realized. “Every sentient has a directive in their heart. I just hope that my music and my shows give example for others to seek theirs.” When asked if there was anyone in particular that xe wished to thank xe offered only a cryptic; ‘yes, thank you S.T.’ which we at ThT can only assume to be the initials of the anonymous donor who funded xer first album release.

“Aurora” is set to continue each night at the Icarus Theatre through the end of the month before moving to Indigo City where the show is expected to be reformatted for two altogether new venues. From outside Icarus Station, this is Caera Clarke for Transhumanity Today.

Xepharious Wrynn

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