Judicial Convention Decline to Press Charges in Weathergate leaks

Transhumanity Today

Judicial Convention Decline to Press Charges in Weathergate leaks

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation, Renaissance – Following a week long meeting of the Judicial Convention on February 9th, the Convention stated that it has declined to press charges against the yet to be identified perpetrator of the Weathergate leaks. Speaking from the Office of the Central Judiciary in Foundation City, Chief Justice Maxwell Bates made a statement to the press.

“The events of last month are still sober in everyone’s minds, and I think we must all be prepared to look more closely at our conduct as a result. While secrecy within government and military is necessary to a degree to ensure public safety, such secrecy should not extend to the point that it compromises our morality and integrity. 

These leaks have cast doubt on the functions of our government, as they should. That said, it is the opinion of the convention that the leaks were a positive act. The best governments should never be afraid to have their secrets aired. Following the determination by the convention that no critical government functions were endangered, and no lives were lost following these leaks, it is our decision that the individual responsible when they are identified will not be charged with any criminal offense.”

The fallout of the Weathergate leaks are still being felt throughout the system, with the Board of Coordinators gridlocked in debate on the future of the Night Station Prison. With over 500 prisoners whose fates are still undecided, the issue is likely to remain contentious for some time. We’ll continue to bring you updates to this story as it unfolds, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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