Massacre at Tearnix Launch

Transhumanity Today

Massacre at Tearnix Launch

By Caera Clarke

The Dockside Market at Icarus Station is quiet this morning as officials continue to sift through the remains of this once vibrant bazaar. Little is known yet as to the group responsible for the deaths of over 120 local merchants, residents, and travellers. What began as a peaceful demonstration in protest of Alexylva Paradox’s most recent launch; the Tearnix, quickly escalated first into an all out brawl, and then into mass homicide as every sentient within 200 meters of dock 34A succumbed to a sort of berserker rage.

Investigators are releasing little as they probe for clues but they have released that a nanoagent appears to have been directly responsible for the invasion of brain and processor alike. Researchers are unwilling to comment further as to the danger this new agent may pose to Origin but already speculation has taken it’s hold among locals; “This time it was a couple of shops and a few dock’ers ya’ know? What if next time this sort of thing is released into a Council Meeting or, Gods forbid, into The Network itself? I don’t much like the idea of one billion kilograms of berserker eggjockey crashing down on me an’ mine right?”

Sources within the Paradox insist that last night’s massacre was perpetrated by an ultra radicalized group using the protests as a cover; ultimately bent on disrupting the Indigo City renovations which got underway just last month. In an unofficial statement from the corporation, they disclosed that they’ve begun their own investigation and that quote; “There will be no repeat” of last night’s attack.

While residents here in Icarus are appreciative of Alexylva’s involvement, others take exception. One merchant, grieving for his son who had been working the family stall prior to the massacre went so far as to blame them for the tragedy; “This was a peaceful protest against the most notorious member of the group. Do you think [they] didn’t just release the poison themselves? Their prize new ship survived didn’t it? Do you see any eggheads dead either?”

While we wait for more details, no group has yet emerged to claim responsibility. Barricades are expected to remain up around Dockside through the week with a vigil already planned for tomorrow night, to be held just outside dock 34A. Reporting from Icarus Station, this is Caera Clarke for Transhumanity Today.

Editor’s note: Officially the Alexylva Paradox does not comment on ongoing investigations.

Xepharious Wrynn

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