OCR Leak Revelations

Transhumanity Today

OCR Leak Revelations

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation, Renaissance – Transhumanity Today is bringing you the latest on the OCR Leaks that have come to be known within the community as Weathergate. This document is meant to enlighten you as a member of the Origin public about the full nature of these leaks.

Leaked documents included 2,000 hours of video footage, 587 terabytes of mail files, And 30,000 hours of audio. These leaked files were released to the system intranet via the pirate hosting service Radio Free Origin. 

The leaks primarily compromise 4 areas.

1) The cover up of an extensive and subversive pirate presence in Origin, consisting of fluid router databanks in hidden deadspace pockets and even small military incursions by, worryingly Sansha’s Nation. Reasons within the documentation quoted as to why this was kept from the public are frequently cited as a desire to prevent mass panic. 

2) The Darkweather Event, wherein capsuleer Saede Riordan took an experimental research ship into deep space and brought back a potentially deadly infectious agent to the Origin System. Although the eventual quarantine was declared successful, it was revealed that the Office of Central Reconnaissance kept samples of the material as well as a live infected individual, aboard the now formerly secret OCR prison facility Night Station, orbiting beyond Terminus. Melia De Thorin, the individual responsible for the initial containment breach, was promoted after this event. Calls have been made for her to step down, and some go so far as to question the competency of those who promoted her considering she endangered thousands of innocent lives. 

3) Project Susurrus, and Promethean Station, seeking to create benevolent artificial superintelligence. Several strong AIs with a greater then human intelligence and learning capacity are currently hosted aboard OCR servers on this station, in contravention of Concord Directive Omega 1-5. A side effect of this research has been the creation of AGIs, artificial agents in humanoid bodies, with a human level of intelligence. Several thousand AGIs have been created, and its now clear that they are living and working among us. Several have come forward agreeing to be interviewed following the leaks, we’ll be attempting to secure an interview with one of these agents. 

4) The Black Plan, a series of documents detailing the isolation of Origin from the outside world via the prevention of wormhole formation in the event of catastrophic outside influences. 

Two OCR Stations have been revealed by the leaks.

Night Station, a secret prison facility completely overseen by the Office of Central Reconnaissance, containing captured crewmembers of opposing capsuleer entities in Anoikis, as well as captured Angels, Guristas, and Sansha. A version of Melia De Thorin infected by the Darkweather Agent is also contained here. There have been some allegations of torture of these prisoners, but the documentation is inconclusive and the OCR states that it treats all prisoners with respect and dignity. The exact location was not able to be determined from the leaks, but it was determined to orbit 175 AUs from Isis. 

Promethean Station, a secret AI research station located on Perihelion, the innermost planet of the Origin system in the glaring light of the tidally locked world. This large station contains fluid routers and a massive set of airgapped servers housing Strong AI that are being developed.

Following the leaks, calls have been made for Shiroh Yatamii, Saede Riordan, and Melia De Thorin, to step down from their positions, although at least in the case of Saede, there has been some pushback from those who remain politically loyal to her. Protests calling for the complete release of the OCR servers’ data, and the dissolution of the office itself, continue for the third day today in the system capital, though the strength of the protest has begun to wane with numbers dwindling to 3,000 people after last nights peak of 21,000. Saede Riordan has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday. Stay tuned for updates on these breaking developments. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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