Office of Central Reconnaissance Disbanded, Criminal Referenda Completes

Transhumanity Today

Office of Central Reconnaissance Disbanded, Criminal Referenda Completes

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synesthesia L1 – Following several rounds of public referenda the Office of Central Reconnaissance has formally shut down. Night Station and Prometheus Station passed from OCR control into the hands of the Alexylva Paradox. All OCR offices and outposts across the system have been ordered to shut down and all OCR agents have be reassigned or laid off.

While many OCR agents have stepped down, a small contingent have instead gone rogue, including OCR Coordinator Shiroh Yatamii who vanished along with at least one thousand OCR employees from the OCR central offices in Indigo City, taking a number of cloaked ships along with them. Although no formal charges have been filed as of this date, the Judicial Convention and the Board of Coordinators have both called for Yatamii to come forward and announced that any ongoing OCR operations in Origin would be considered without mandate and thus criminal.

In other news, the fate of the 499 prisoners of Night Station have finally been decided. Citizens voted to opt for a three tier approach to criminals in OCA custody. At the first tier, the criminal would receive simple rehabilitation and support allowing them to return to their old life. In the second tier, the same rehabilitation would be conducted over a more prolonged duration and the citizen would be outfitted with a personal support drone which would follow them and ensure they committed no further criminal acts. In the most extreme and severe cases, the individual would have their violent tendencies removed via nanosurgical operation and their personality would be an involuntarily mindwiped, with a new identity constructed to replace the old one.

Despite earning the majority vote, the use of mindwipes for criminal justice matters has resulted in push back from a vocal minority who call the technology barbaric and little different than the death penalty. A small group of protesters have gathered outside government offices in Foundation City to denounce the technology, although among those protests groups, the answer regarding what to do with those most violent and dangerous criminals remains uncertain and a subject of debate.

The OCA has affirmed that it will use the mindwipe technology as sparingly as possible, reserving it only for the most extreme cases, nevertheless, various human rights groups have denounced the democratic decision as mob rule and are calling for a second round of referenda on the mindwipe issue specifically. The OCA has yet to take up this issue and only time will tell where they fall in the long run. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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