Origin Secured After Days of Intense Fighting

Transhumanity Today

Origin Secured After Days of Intense Fighting

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synesthesia L1 – Federation of Independent Stellar Systems forces have finally withdrawn completely from Origin, following days of intense fighting. 

Battles raged over Eidolon, around the Juno wormhole, and in orbit above Renaissance for the better part of the weekend. FISS forces engaged the Indigo City fortizar class citadel on Saturday and destroyed its shields, taking it into reinforcement cycle. Evacuation orders were issued for the station and thousands of people were sent down to the surface. 

Battles for control of access to the Juno wormhole raged for the majority of the conflict, with both sides taking and losing control multiple times during the course of the siege. Origin Colonial Authority forces and their allies destroyed the first FISS tower even as they anchored and onlined a second. In response, OCA coordinators onlined two additional Astrahus class citadels to reinforce control of the system. 

On Sunday, the siege came to a climatic conclusion with a pitched battle that saw over two hundred ship losses and over twenty billion ISK in assets destroyed in the course of an hour. Numerous bombing runs on the FISS battleship fleet inflicted several losses and heavily weakened their logistics chains. OCA capital ships than engaged with FISS siege rattlesnakes on the Juno wormhole, a decisive action that saw the backbone of the siege fleet broken with minimal losses by OCA forces and allies.

Following the battle, a series of smaller actions on Sunday night and Monday morning saw the end to the conflict, with a peace agreement for the extraction of FISS forces being signed on Monday evening. The remaining FISS towers were taken down, and the system was secured once more. 

Security statuses have returned to normal, city defense curtains have been lowered, martial law is rescinded, and normal interplanetary trade has resumed across the system. 

Aftershocks are still being felt systemwide, with local stocks falling 15% in the first hours of trading on Tuesday. Nearly 8,000 personnel were killed during the course of the conflict, representing a massive burden on the government’s cloning network. Estimates for re-lifing those lost in the conflict range from three to eight weeks, with the possibility that it may take up to twelve weeks before all those killed have been successfully re-lifed. 

The Origin Colonial Authority, the Alexylva Paradox, the citizens of Origin, and all of us here at Transhumanity Today would like to a thanks to all of our allies who came in our hour of need and ensured that the dream of Origin would survive. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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