Press Statement Regarding OCR Leaks

Transhumanity Today

Press Statement Regarding OCR Leaks

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation, Renaissance – A new press release by Saede Riordan has just been published. Below is a complete transcription of the recorded speech. 

A camera drone activates, showing Saede Riordan sitting behind a large glass desk. Behind her is a full wall of windows, looking out on the Foundation City skyline. 

“My Fellow Colonists, my fellow citizens of Origin.

“These past few days have brought about a multitude of revelations concerning the actions of the Office of Central Reconnaissance. Some of you are, understandably angry that this was going on without your knowledge. That these actions were taken in some cases without your consent. And I’m sure it feels as if the trust we have built in each other has eroded in the wake of these events.”

She pauses, letting the moment sink in.

“But I see it differently. We don’t know yet who leaked these documents, the investigation is ongoing. We don’t know the motivations of the leak, if it was to highlight some crimes they felt we had committed? To demonize and demoralize us? Or perhaps they had nobler intentions. We don’t know yet. 

“And its true, not everything that happens in the leaked data is flattering. We all have some skeletons in our closets; episodes we would prefer are left in the past. But when I look at this data, I see something else. I see the Vanguard of our peace and security. I see the hard working men and women of the Office of Central Reconnaissance and the Alexylva Paradox, striving to make Origin a better, safer place for us all. I see the trials we have been through, the sacrifices we have been forced to make, the hardships we have endured together on the strength of our bonds, and I could not be more proud. 

“We have all come a long way together, and we have a long way yet to go. There are many hard choices that face us today. We must ask, what should be the fate of the Night Station Prison and the criminal justice system as a whole? Do we want to create our own extension of the Concord Directive Omega 1-5, or are we willing to risk creating more rogue drones in a drive to make something better, something beautiful? How much secrecy should the government be allowed to have? How much should we be allowed to keep from you? 

“These are not questions I can answer for anyone here. I urge all of you to express your voices on the subnet, and participate in the digital referenda regarding these issues.

“There is however, one thing I will be firm on.” The camera drone pans to the side, where a young woman sits, her hands folded neatly in her lap. Her skin is entirely smooth and white, like a carefully made ceramic. “This is Sentient Parity, she goes by Sunny. She was the first of the AGIs and is a close and personal friend of mine. I cannot stress enough that while she isn’t human, she is still a person and deserves all the rights and privileges and responsibilities that come with personhood. I know she has earned them. She and others like her are part of a new species, a new way of thinking and seeing the world. We have much to learn from each other and intolerance and aggression against these beings will be treated the same way as any bigotry and racism is treated within Origin. I urge all of you to accept and welcome these creatures into the family and community we have created here. Let this be a home for them as it is for us.” She goes quiet, and lets Sentient Parity speak.

“Um, hello Origin, I know this must all come as quite a surprise to you, learning that there are AIs living in your midst. And I understand the doubt and fear that you all feel, I’ve seen the Dronelands, I know what can become of AIs, and I understand if there is a hesitance to accept us following the actions of rogue drones in Known Space. But I ask you, please, give us a chance to be a part of something here. Let us show you that we’re not all that different then you. We want the same things. A home, safety, security, acceptance, and understanding. Please, treat us kindly, let us all pursue our destiny of light together. Thank you.”

The camera drone pans back to Saede. 

“The digital referenda concerning current affairs will draw to a close next Monday. Please vote, let your voices be heard so that we can take the actions that best serve the system. 

“Thank you all for your time. Ad Astra Per Aspera.”

The camera drone deactivates.

We’ll be continuing to bring you updates on this story as it unfolds. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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