Prison Closing Leaves Prisoners in Limbo

Transhumanity Today

Prison Closing Leaves Prisoners in Limbo

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synaesthesia L1 –  Following the recent citizens referenda last month, many questions remain to be answered about the fate of the Night Station prisoner population. Of the 1400 prisoners who called Night Station home, 899 have thus far been transferred to the custody of planetary officials for rehabilitation and population reintegration or released at the trade hub in Known Space of their choosing. The majority of these individuals were recovered following the destruction of capsuleer ships in the vicinity of Origin and their confinement in Night Station was always seen as temporary.

However, the remaining 500 prisoners, currently held in the system command bunker in orbit of the Moon of Sky, face a much more unknown future. These individuals were incarcerated by Origin Colonial Authority following a handoff to them by local governments, following convictions ranging from armed robbery and murder to serial rape and domestic terrorism. These people found their homes at Night Prison largely due to the OCA’s inability to decide what else to do with them. Suggestions for solutions ranging from mass euthanasia to exile have been banded about, but no clear outcome has yet been decided. A general citizen’s referenda scheduled for early next month is expected to provide a definitive conclusion to the dilemma. Available options currently on the ballet include instating the death penalty and retrying the criminals again, modification of the nervous systems to remove violent tendencies, exile, and allowing the criminals a chance to participate in a rehabilitation programme and be returned to society. 

Today Night Station remains empty and the eventual fate of the 600 million ISK installation remains to be decided. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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