Protests in Sahaal continue as Gulormola and Ishohuolvi Declare Independence

Skarkon Station Free Press

Protests in Sahaal continue as Gulormola and Ishohuolvi Declare Independence

By Jerindine Orindold

Shockwaves were felt all across Skarkon II today as the latest round of protests and demonstrations turned violent. The incident began in the early hours of the morning when troops from the Spacelane Patrol attempted to break up the Ishohuolvi-Skardisaad Highway blockade and the strike actions by the Skarkon-Ennur Mining Circle and arrest protest leaders.

In Iddiserigard, protesters refused to disperse and began throwing rocks and bottles before finally rushing the Spacelane Patrol Positions. The outnumbered Spacelane Patrol troops panicked and opened fire on the crowd with riot control rounds resulting in at least ten deaths and numerous injuries. This precipitated a fierce standoff with armed local elements resulting in the deaths of five Spacelane Patrol troops before they pulled back to their encircled headquarters building. Snipers from both sides have been firing on one another since then, with local skirmishes playing out across the city turned warzone. Local guerillas also used mining explosives to attack CBD mining facilities and set fire to a TASC processing facility which has been burning since.

On the Ishohoulvi-Skardisaad floating highway, the blockades came to a similarly violent end when Spacelane Patrol troops in personnel carriers overran the protester’s positions. In response mining explosives embedded beneath the bridge deck were detonated, resulting in the destruction of three miles of the elevated highway.

Shortly following the initiation of hostilities local forces calling themselves the Ishohoulvi Freedom Corps began broadcasting declarations of independence from the CBD corporation and declaring the district the property of the people of Skarkon II.

Following this declaration, the city government of Sa’kak declared that it would be breaking all ties with the Minmatar Mining Corporation and declaring independence for the Gulormola District as well. Unlike Iddiserigard this transition has been mostly peaceful as the MMC has maintained little to no presence within Gulormola for the last forty years. Sa’kak city administrators announced that they would begin processing land claims for areas of Gulormola in three weeks in order to give all the clans of the district who are interested in making claims a chance to do so. The Minmatar Mining Corporation declined to comment on unfolding events, while the CBD Corporation put out a short statement declaring that they would defend their holdings and hostilities would be responded to in kind.

In Kor’ali refugees stream out of the city on foot and in vehicle caravans as Krullefor and Capsuleer-backed warclones continue their conflict on the Kor’akak peninsula. Attempts to send supplies and rescue workers to the beleaguered and wartorn city from both Sahaal and Sa’kak have been hampered by ongoing fighting. Krullefor backed troops forced emergency vehicles en-route from Sahaal to turn back, and a Sister’s of EVE emergency dropship was shot down outside the city to fierce condemnations from human rights groups both locally and abroad.

In Sahaal, the local Sebiestor Tribal Embassy released a statement indicating that they hear the pleas of the clans and were investigating all avenues available to provide support to the Sebiestor clans of Skarkon II. While some protesters took this as a step in the right direction, many believe that these are empty words and will result in token and half-hearted gestures from the Tribe in order to quiet dissent without changing the political landscape. Protests in Sahaal have continued and spread to other tribal embassy buildings but have remained peaceful. Protesters have set up camps in public areas throughout the city and are distributing medical aid and food to protesters as well as local inhabitants affected by the protests. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Above: Drone captures of the fires sweeping through the CBD’s TASC Refinery

Saede Riordan

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