Protests Spread Across Molden Heath and Beyond

Heath Row News

Protests Spread Across Molden Heath and Beyond

By Azazine Ymalgard

Following the release of a heated political declaration by clans, subtribes, and circles across Molden Heath, widespread protests and strikes have begun across the region and beyond. In Skarkon, the Sahaal protests are entering their third week as battles between Spacelane Patrol forces and local militias continue in Ishohuolvi. Protesters also clashed with Tronhadar Free Guard forces in Mahonisgard, creating a fierce standoff that has divided the city in two. While casualties have not yet been reported in that conflict, some are saying it is only a matter of time.

While the fire was sparked in Skarkon, it has begun to spread throughout outlying republic space. Protests and strikes began yesterday in Ennur, Gulfonodi, Gelfiven, Konora, Egbinger, Weld, Aedald, Mimiror, Bosena, Klingt, Oddelulf, Half, Eldulf, Tabbetzur, Arnstur, Teonusude, Aeddin, Eram, and Orien, with further protests planned and actions continuing to spread across the Heath. Blockades of worksites, protest camps, and mutual aid networks are being established much of the Heath, a move that has both Republic and Cartel officials on edge and concerned their grasp on power in the region may be slipping.

The protests went as far as the Sebiestor Tribe Headquarters in Eram, where a group of capsuleers parked off the station undock, disrupting traffic and broadcasting messages in local for several hours as well as dropping off several thousand long term protesters onto the tribal headquarters station itself.

“The Tribes of the core worlds have grown fat on the wealth and resources of the Heath while our children starve, exiled from the light of Father Pator! Will this injustice go unanswered?” Shouted capsuleer firebrands across local communications channels. Protesters also took turns transmitting the stories of oppression their clans have faced, while setting off fireworks and broadcasting music from the Heath.

“My clan hails from a mining colony in Ennur, for years we have suffered under the boot of the Minmatar Mining Corporation while the republic and the tribes have done nothing. We we tried to stand up for ourselves, our strike was put down with violence and twenty members of my clan were killed. But today the Skarkon-Ennur Mining Circle has called for strikes all across the systems in solidarity with my clan. We will not suffer in silence any longer!” said Serine Gulfodrald of the Kerindrald Clan

Full logs of the capsuleer protest in Eram are available. While the capsuleer protest was relatively brief and peaceful, several strikes and protests have already escalated into rioting and confrontations with local law enforcement corporations. Despite this, the people of the Heath have not been dissuaded, with many claiming the cold dispassionate response from corporations and silence from tribe leaders is a reason to escalate the conflict further. How far these protests will go is anyone’s guess, but it’s clear from the way protesters are digging in that they won’t be going away anytime soon.

In other news, planned protests in Muttoken were shelved as Triglavian and Sansha forces both invaded the system at once, creating a sea of carnage and destruction in the skies above Muttoken II. Hundreds of ships belonging to EDENCOM, Triglavian, Sansha, and capsuleer forces were destroyed all across the system as violent clashes in space sent brilliant meteor shower displays onto the planets below. Warclone forces from the UNF and Bosena Accords have been dispatched to support local militias and aid in evacuations if those prove necessary, but with the fighting so intense any efforts to evacuate have been severely hampered. The fate of the system is as yet, undecided. Reporting from the Sebiestor Tribe Headquarters in Eram, I’m Azazine Ymalgard, and you’re listening to Heath Row News, your number one source of news in Molden Heath.

Saede Riordan

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