Search for Wall Runner Survivors On Hold

Transhumanity Today

Search for Wall Runner Survivors On Hold

By Mira Ming Wei

Satyria, Arboria – Following the grizzly killing of a three man survey team in the Argerian rainforest, all efforts to find survivors of the crashed Wall Runner have been put on hold. Forces have regrouped at the campsite established at the tail section of the crashed transport ship while Coordinator Kane discusses options to deal with the uncontacted locals. 

Meanwhile, in Satyria, Arwise Allons, an elder of the Kiora clan and former slave is planning a private expedition to Argeria. We’ve managed to secure an exclusive interview with him.

“Good morning Mr. Allons, and welcome to Transhumanity Today.”

“Hello Mira. You know, its great to see young people with as much passion as you seem to have for your job, I know things will be in good hands with people like you.”

“Thank you sir, so lets talk about this expedition of yours, you believe that these uncontacted locals may be relatives of yours who escaped the slave camps of the former system owners?”

“I do. I know some escaped from the camps and made off into the forests. It doesn’t strike me as unreasonable to assume they survived out there. We’re a hardy people Mira, we’re not the type to ever give up easily.”

“Are you not concerned about the possibility of being killed, given what these people have already done to our survey crew? I’m told you don’t even have a clone backup.”

“I’m 79 years old dear. I’ve lived long enough to see my children and grandchildren freed. The world is changing though, faster then an old man like me can keep up with. I will die when the time comes. If my last act is in pursuit of peace, then that seems like a good way to go, doesn’t it?”

“Do you fear that Emilia Kane will disallow your expedition?”

“She can disallow whatever it is she likes. No offence to the esteemed coordinator, but this is something I will do with or without permission or consent of anyone else.”

“Thank you for your time sir, I’ll let you get back to your planning now.”

The Coordinatorship has yet to announce plans for dealing with these uncontacted locals, though several prominent coordinators from across the system were seen arriving this morning by shuttle for strategy meetings. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today. 

Saede Riordan

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