Skarkon II Continues to Destabilize

Skarkon Station Free Press

Skarkon II Continues to Destabilize

By Jerindine Orindold

Following the escalation of fighting between Krullefor, Cartel, CBD, and capsuleer backed forces on the surface of Skarkon II, political instability has hit an all time high. Earlier today over a thousand workers walked out of the central CBD mine in Iddiserigard, demanding increased pay and safer working conditions. Additional protesters established a blockade across the Ishohuolvi-Skardisaad bridge and are stopping all vehicular traffic between the CBD owned district and Skardisaad. Union leaders Talrok Jadilan and Hesper Yimerose have stated that they intend to keep the mines and industrial sites shut down until the CBD corporation accedes to their demands. The CBD corporation has declined to comment on the strike at this time, but spacelane patrol troops have been spotted moving into position to put down the protests.

In Kalilia, a series of eight nuclear detonations occurred deep in the ngelgnieg, destroying a number of mobile mining outposts and bases. The choice of targets and the scale of the blasts have left many puzzled as to the reason and intent of the attackers. Some believe it to be a show of force by Krullefor forces, destroying Angel assets in a disproportionately destructive way as revenge for the attack on Kor’ali earlier this week, while others believe it to be a sign of internal power struggles within the Cartel which have been brought to the surface by the ongoing war with Krullefor.

In Sahaal, protesters threw rocks, bottles, and broke windows at the Sebiestor Tribal Embassy. Over three thousand protesters surrounded the Tribal Embassy for several hours, turning over vehicles, drawing graffiti on the nearby buildings, and starting small fires. Despite the anger and energy, the crowd refrained from outright violence, and even engaged with a long although heated dialogue with Sebiestor tribe representative Edelulf Arinold when he came out from inside the building. For the rest of the afternoon, the crowd sang songs, drummed, and chanted, demanding aid for those left starving and destitute by the tribal administration and justice for the crime of their abandonment by the tribe at large. The Sebiestor tribe has yet to make a formal comment on the protests but representatives have indicated that they are preparing one and should have it ready within the next few days.

In Kor’ali rescuers are continuing to pick through the wreckage following a 12 kiloton nuclear blast that irradiated large portions of the city. Even with the radiation and the destruction, Kor’ali remains a hotbed of activity, with local clashes between Angel, Krullefor, and independent warclone forces occurring almost nonstop. Small tragedies are happening on a near daily basis in the wounded city. Earlier today, A group of fifty unarmed civilians was gunned down by Krullefor forces while protesting outside one of their installations, an action which was quickly denounced by the city’s surviving administration.

All the various military and corporate forces operating on Skarkon II have armed up and placed themselves into high states of military readiness if they aren’t already engaging in outright conflict. At this point, it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when it all boils over into near planetwide violence. This is Jerindine Orindold, reporting from Sahaal.

Saede Riordan

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