Stellar Anomaly Causing Mental Illness?

Transhumanity Today

Stellar Anomaly Causing Mental Illness?

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synesthesia L1 – Reports of a newly discovered stellar anomaly in the Origin system have sparked debate among the cosmology and astronomy experts in Origin. The lively round of discussions first began upon the release of a series of solar weather reports from the near solar observatory at Icarus Station.

The report identifies a standing wave pattern detected within the stellar emissions that seems to contain information that has yet to be deciphered. While the nature of the information remains shrouded, its source within Isis has created a division and controversy among experts.

“Its clear that this signal is the result of some sort of intelligence.” Says cosmologist Mitsuo Halakan speaking from his lab in Foundation City, “The observed level of complexity within the standing wave is entirely inconsistent with natural processes. Its far too orderly and regular to be the result of a natural phenomena.”

However not all are convinced, Sakain Ardisudor, an astronomer aboard Icarus station stated in an interview, “We have no idea what we’re dealing with, the phenomena is inconsistent with any known stellar events. We don’t think the star is going to explode or anything, but we could be dealing with anything really. This could yet be the result of some ill understood process in stellar behaviour.”

Scattered reports from around the system have begun to trickle in of people reporting prophetic experiences they supposedly received from the future, somehow contained within the data coming from Isis. While largely discounted as the result of speculation and public fixation, the widespread nature of these events has raised some concerns within the medical community that an unknown pathogen may be responsible.

The nature of the supposed prophecies is also notable in their specificity, with nearly all referring to the star as a holy relic, and as a device that they will somehow be build. Several individuals have been placed under monitoring after undergoing such a revelatory experience, but thus far no medical connection to the condition has been found.

Experts in both camps agree that this event is no cause for alarm, and that Isis remains entirely stable, with some going so far as to cite its stability as part of the oddness surrounding the detected signal.

The investigation into these events is ongoing, and we’ll continue to update you with the latest news on this unfolding situation. I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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