BREAKING: Origin Under Attack!

Transhumanity Today

BREAKING: Origin Under Attack!

By Mira Ming Wei

Indigo City, Renaissance-Synaesthesia L1 – For the second time in Origin’s history Black Alert has been activated as military forces belonging to the Outlaws dot alliance and their allies began a blitzkrieg invasion of the Origin system in the early hours of the day. As dawn rose over Foundation City intense fighting began in space with the lightning strikes destroying picket outposts and allowing the invading force to establish staging stations around some of the system’s moons. Numerous vessels belonging to the Alexylva Paradox were destroyed by the invader’s fleet of amassed rattlesnakes and their escorts, taking control of the Juno wormhole and locking down all system traffic.

While the Alexylva Paradox vowed to defend the citizens of Origin and push out the invaders, the coordinatorship have admitted that their chances of retaking system control from the attacking force are not the best. With wormhole control held by the invaders it has been impossible to bring allied forces into Origin, leading many to believe that the attacking force will not be successfully repulsed before they manage to destroy large amounts of orbital infrastructure. Caltrop defenses have been activated across the system and emergency evacuations of all of Origin’s space based facilities are underway. Emergency shuttles from Indigo City have been taking loads of evacuees from the planet nonstop and it is expected that a near complete evacuation will be successfully achieved before the stations are destroyed.

Despite that, the speed and ferocity of the attacks, especially on the outlying picket outposts, have already pushed the death counts into five figures, creating fears of a mass backlog in clone biomass access even if the invaders are repelled.

While the attackers have yet to show interest in the planetary populations, emergency shield generators have been activated in cities across the system, and outlying communities have been encouraged to travel to the cities or take shelter in regional bunker installations.

We here at Transhumanity Today will be staying aboard Indigo City to report on unfolding events for as long as we can. Bringing you the latest news from Origin and beyond, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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