Invading Forces Evacuate, Origin Secured

Transhumanity Today

Invading Forces Evacuate, Origin Secured

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – Following the destruction and pillaging of orbital assets and installations across Origin, the invading forces out the Outlaws dot alliance have finally withdrawn from the system. This move came as a surprise to some, who feared that the invaders would remain or install an occupying garrison to hold the space against attempts by the Alexylva Paradox and the Original Colonial Authority to reassert influence.

However, those fears proved to be unfounded as the enemy fleet finally packed up their operations and shipped out of the system having scoured the local space down like a plague of locusts. Planetside populations breathed a sigh of relief as hostile forces finally cleared the skies to a degree that the city-shields could be lowered across the system.

Ruined orbital infrastructure continues to rain out onto the planets, causing fires, including a large chunk of Indigo City which struck southern Renaissance with enough force for the blast waves to reach Foundation and shatter windows on the unshielded outskirts of Hive City. Wreckage continues to burn and fall, but with space cleared some efforts have been made to move the largest pieces of debris into stable orbits and prevent further devastation of the planets below.

Shortly after the enemies evacuated a new signal was detected from near the north pole of Isis led Alexylva Paradox forces to a station previously hidden in deadspace, operated by Shiroh Yatamii and the rogue members of the Office of Central Reconnaissance. The OCR station allowed Alexylva Paradox members to dock and resupply, and since then has been acting as the primary staging point for space based forces in Origin. Opinions on this are mixed, with some calling Yatamii a criminal, but largely the Coordinator Network has viewed the turn of events positively.

Although the final death toll from the attacks will not be known for some time, preliminary reports put the total number of dead at around two million. Backup facilities have begun processing through the known dead, and new re-lifing facilities are being constructed across the system, but with the number of dead as vast as it is, the re-lifing of all sentients lost in the fighting is expected to take at least a year.

“We did not win this conflict,” said Operations Coordinator Streya Jormagdnir, “We merely managed to survive it.”

Despite those cautious words celebrations have broken out across much of the system and the relief felt by members of the general public is nearly palatable. Reporting from our new offices in Foundation City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today

Saede Riordan

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