Orbital Facilities Destroyed Across Origin

Transhumanity Today

Orbital Facilities Destroyed Across Origin

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – Today saw the deadliest blow dealt to Origin yet as the ongoing invasion by forces from the Outlaws dot alliance continue to wreak havoc all across the system. Caltrop installations began being systematically taken down as they came out of their invulnerability windows, along with customs officers and skyhook platforms. Anywhere infrastructure in space could be attacked, the invaders have struck with an intense ferocity that has kept defense fleets from the Alexylva Paradox reeling and unable to respond.

This culminated in a stunning show of force at Indigo City left its structure invulnerability timer and the Alexylva Paradox deployed their massed capital fleet against the invading rattlesnakes. In a short but brutal battle the Origin Capital defense fleet was reduced to wreckage, followed shortly afterwards by the Indigo City Fortizar itself. Thanks to the timely to evacuate, most nonessential personnel were able to flee to the surface, and with massed lifepods fired planetward in the structure’s final moments the death toll is expected to only be around one hundred thousand.

Shortly after the destruction of the Fortizar, besieging forces snapped the Founadation City skyhook, destroying the orbital installation and sending the tether tumbling into the atmosphere.

As city stations, caltrop outposts, capital ships, customs offices, industrial stations, and picket defenses continue to fall the total number of deaths from the siege has already climbed above one million, with numerous other structures expected to be destroyed in the near future. While Origin has significantly expanded its re-lifing facilities over the last several years, the sudden and massive influx is expected to take months if not years to work through, provided that those groundside facilities are not themselves destroyed in the near future. Fluid router transmitters have been working overtime sending scans out of Origin and installing them at the backup installations in Suroken, but loss of ground facilities would likely represent the end of the system even if all the dead are eventually re-lifed.

So far towns and cities on the ground have been mostly unaffected by the fighting, although debris from destroyed stations and ships has rained down in some places causing localized destruction.

The Alexylva Paradox has enacted their highly secretive Black Plan, developed to ensure system continuity and protection of certain vital seed assets. Although the exact details of this plan are classified, reporters aboard Icarus Station reported numerous ships appearing to fly directly into the sun. Some believe that this may connect somehow to the mysterious stellar anomaly detected over two years ago which has continued to transmit out of the star via unknown means.

Defense forces have mostly gone to ground, although isolated bursts of fighting are still occurring all across the system. What the invaders have planned for the system is anyone’s guess, but Alexylva Paradox forces have avowed that they will continue to fight to exhaustion to defend the citizens of Origin and the dream of utopia the system represents. Guerrilla strikes have managed to make small wins against the invaders but the majority of their forces continue to march implacably across space destroying everything in their path.

We’ll keep bringing you news on the disaster unfolding for as long as we can. Stay tuned and stay alive, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today

Saede Riordan

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