Cloning Woes Plague Relifing Efforts

Transhumanity Today

Cloning Woes Plague Relifing Efforts

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – Nearly half a million of the two million people left dead in the sacking of Origin have been successfully relifed and with new cloning facilities coming online this month and next which are expected to bring the cloning rate up to 200,000 clones per month, optimism is high that the relifing operations will finish by mid YC121. However the cloning news has not been entirely positive. Almost 80,000 citizens, or 20% of those cloned so far, have suffered severe issues that ultimate rendered their new bodies nonviable.

“To claim they came back wrong would be a sort of edgy overstatement,” said Cloning services Coordinator Mikai Heliokanen, speaking from the office of the Cloning Services Commission today, “But we have had some issues.”

Would you be willing to elaborate Coordinator?

“Well, first off, we should point out that this is our first incidence of needing to do this sort of mass cloning. In most cases, the deceased are starship crews, and thus specifically trained in the psychological rigors of death and relifing. These are people who knew they were getting into life or death situations and knew they might end up being cloned at some point. We’ve had a less than 1% failure rate among this population. However among the general civilian population, people not mentally prepared to handle the relifing process, there’s been a failure rate closer to 20%.”

Can you tell us a bit about what those failures look like?

“Sure, it’s taken a number of forms. The most prevalent is catatonia and brain death. We download their scan into the new clone and it just doesn’t wake up. We see a brief spike of brain activity, sometimes accompanied by seizures, and usually followed by brain death. We’ve also seen cases of extreme violent psychosis, paranoid schizophrenia, Capgras delusions, and violent suicidality. In most of these cases, the brain ultimately burns itself out within a period of 6-8 weeks and kills the clone, but there have been a few cases where we only caught the individual after a violently psychotic episode that put other lives in danger.”

What is the Cloning Commission doing to correct these issues?

“Well, it’s unfortunate that cloning is such a new and poorly studied science. We know there are major traps to steer clear of, just look at the Jovians or the blood cults of Sakulda and you’ll see some of the potential dangers, however many of these pitfalls would likely have already been dealt with if cloning was a more widespread practice instead of one restricted to the wealthy elites in New Eden. We’re having to figure out the science of cloning as we go and that makes for slow going. I’m confident these issues can be solved, and everyone currently suffering can be made whole and brought back as they were, it will just take time.”

What will the commission do in the meantime as these issues come up along the recently relifed?

“Following an incident in the theatre district that left three people dead, we’ve instituted a policy of using service and support drones to monitor the recently relifed for a six month period to ensure a clean cloning and reintegration process and preventing them from hurting anyone if their clone becomes mentally malformed. We’ve had to terminate about 15,000 individuals due to severe issues, although around 5,000 of those were successfully cloned and returned healthy on the second try.”

Fifteen thousand, isn’t that a little extreme coordinator? It sounds to me like you’re just killing people because they have mental health disorders.

“Mira you have to understand, these are mentally healthy people, before their first deaths they were stable and had careers and in many cases families. We have their scans, they aren’t dead. If we clone them, and we get back a psychopathic shadow of a person, that’s on us to fix, and we will fix them. We can’t just wring our hands, throw them in an asylum and say “sorry that’s how they came out” it would be better to have just let them die if that’s going to be their fate. They deserve better than to be left as these husks.”

So the Commission is confident that these issues can be corrected and that all the people currently backed up can be brought back healthy and whole?

“I have dedicated my life to eradicating death from the universe. We will not stop until a solution is found, even if it takes us a thousand years. We won’t stop until there is no more death, no more pain, and the abyss herself gives up her dead, and returns them to us.”

With tears in her eyes Mikai Heliokanen has sworn an oath to solve the cloning troubles and heal what many are now calling the lost and fallen, along with all those still in need of relifing. This solemn dedication and perseverance can be felt throughout the cloning commission as they continue with their sacred mission to eradicate death in Origin and beyond. Reporting from the Cloning Commission headquarters in Foundation City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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