Origin Rebuilds from Sacking Amidst Major Population Reduction

Transhumanity Today

Origin Rebuilds from Sacking Amidst Major Population Reduction

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – A month has passed since the orbital infrastructure of Origin was sacked in a brutal siege that left nearly two million sentients dead. Reconstruction of the system has been slow, with remaining defense forces left skittish and on edge, fearful of losing the last remaining footholds they have present in system, while a massive withdrawal of civilians from Origin has been ongoing since the invaders withdrew.

Many of the more financially well off citizens of Origin have stated that the short but brutal conflict caused them to lose confidence in the Alexylva Paradox’s ability to defend the system from hostile threats to the population and as a result they have chosen to fleet to the relative safety of high security space.

Nearly four million people have left Origin in the wake of the siege and labor shortages have begun to pile up in some industries. With more citizens preparing to depart, it is estimated by some that the system may see up to a 50% reduction in population by the end of the year.

However, many of those who call Origin home hailed originally from impoverished systems, refugee camps, or were victims of political, religious, and ideological oppression. In particular the population of humanoid AIs are still considered illegal under CONCORD law within known space. These groups and those holding Origin’s transhumanist ethos closer to heart have doubled down on the promise of the system, vowing to rebuild and repair, turning the system once more into a bastion for the dispossessed of Known Space.

Black Plan forces have begun trickling back out of hiding, having performed a dangerous maneuver they’ve referred to as a relativistic warp slingshot in order to escape from invading forces. This maneuver somehow launched them through the star and compressed the passage of time aboard their ships. The details of the manuever and what modifications were performed to the vessels to enable them are still considered classified, but sources close to the Board of Coordinators have indicated that the strange anomalous signal from Isis may have played a role in the operation. The Alexylva Paradox continues to lick its wounds and slowly re-acquire system defense assets, but Saede Riordan has vowed to continue defending the system as long as the people of Origin continue to share in the dream of a better world it represents.

The cloning of those lost in the battles have been proceeding at a slow but steady pace. Indigo City’s destruction caused a contraction in cloning capacity, but re-lifing is still continuing at a rate of nearly 100,000 per month, with more cloning facilities planned and under construction to speed up the process further. The current timeline expects all citizens killed to be relifed by June of YC122. Speaking from Foundation City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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