Following Referendum, Origin Votes to Aid EDENCOM

Transhumanity Today

Following Referendum, Origin Votes to Aid EDENCOM

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – It was a tight and contentious referendum which ended today when the final votes from the Digital Council were tallied and results were presented to the Board of Coordinators. The final results have pushed Origin from its prior position of political neutrality into one of taking direct action to oppose the potential existential threat represented in the Triglavian Collective and their actions in Known Space.

Major proponents of siding with EDENCOM included Operations Coordinator Streya Jormagdnir and Cloning services Coordinator Mikai Heliokanen. Opposing the alliance and favoring the Triglavians were System’s Coordinator Saede Riordan along with Jovian Science Coordinator Alphonse Yridrin and Reconnaissance Coordinator Niapet.

The vote split three ways between those in favor of EDENCOM, those in favor of the Triglavians, and those in favor of neutrality. The final tally showed 27% of the population supported allying with the Triglavians, 36% in favor of neutrality, and 37% in favor of siding with EDENCOM. The tightness of this vote brought many political groups into play and as it became apparant just how close it would be, actions were taken by both sides to try and encourage more members to vote on the issue. At final count nearly 86% of the population turned out for the vote, making for a record attendance not seen since the Weathgate leaks and the defense policy votes following the sacking of Origin.

Speaking from her office in Foundation City, Saede Riordan said simply, “We have heard the voices of the people loud and clear. While many of us have been harmed by the actions of CONCORD, and many of us are threatened by the laws they represent and the oppression of AIs and transhumanists those laws create, they are still our cousins and kin, or parents and sometimes children, our allies and all those who called Origin home at one point who since left. It would be unconscionable to turn our backs on them now in the face of a terrifying and unknown agenda represented by the Triglavian Collective. Nay, while the Triglavians do promise change and a toppling of existing power structures, what they will replace these with and what atrocities will unfold beneath their darkened skies is not a question we can answer and until we have an answer, to ally with them would be playing with lives, projecting our own desires for liberation from CONCORD onto these mysterious invaders. We know not what the Triglavians will do to the people of New Eden, and until we know more, we cannot allow them to continue to act. Millions of lives may hang in the balance. Thank you all for turning out to vote. We on the Board of Coordinators and within the Alexylva Paradox will heed your choices and now act to take the fight to the Triglavians across Known Space. Efforts to scan and back up the populations of afflicted systems will continue at the best speed we can proceed at, but we will focus our attention on making those terrifying and potentially unpalatable options unnecessary. We continue to do everything we can to heal and recover the Lost and Fallen, but we should seek as well to not grow their number through excessive use of cloning on civilians. We will meet the Triglavians among the stars they so covet, and we will do everything in our power to prevent them darkening the skies of Known Space.”

Following the announcement, several capsuleers operating with the Alexylva Paradox began planning operations and deploying vessels to support EDENCOM forces in their battles against the Triglavian Collective. Immigration Coordinator Vestal Hjalintor also instituted several policy changes to make it easier for refugees of the Triglavian invasion to seek refuge in Origin, which at this time is viewed to be safe from Triglavian threat. Triglavians have never been spotted within the Talocan static network, however, the stellar primary has been demonstrated to be the type of star the Triglavians would be interested in harvesting, which has created some concerns and contributed to the vote swinging towards support of EDENCOM. The conflict for the fate of New Eden is just beginning, and we’ll be here to bring you the news of this conflict as it unfolds. As always, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

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