BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon!

Skarkon Station Free Press

BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon!

By Jerindine Orindold

In a stunning show of force that has brought all the factions of the Skarkon Civil War to a momentary halt, the Triglavian Collective has launched an invasion of the Skarkon System. Scouting fleets were spotted yesterday before quickly escalating to a full invasion with abyssal conduits emerging all across the system.

Forces belonging to EDENCOM and the Republic Fleet were quick to respond, deploying fleets and installations into Skarkon to try and slow the tide of invasion. Since then, battles have raged all across the system, with debris and shipwrecks filling the skies above the planets and around the stations. EDENCOM forces have suffered heavy losses at the hands of the mysterious invaders, but Matari defense fleets gave as good as they received and a near equal number of Triglavian shipwrecks were scattered across space.

Galm Eskola-Fae of the Bosena Accords has called for all the factions fighting on the surface of Skarkon II to declare a temporary cease fire so that efforts could be focused on repelling the Triglavian fleets. Representatives from UNF, the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps, and the Angel Cartel have all agreed to this temporary truce, but the CBD Corporation and Krullefor Organization have yet to respond to the request and battles have continued across the planet even as debris from the war in space rain down from orbit.

Defensive fleets belonging to UNF, The Bosena Accords, and the Alexylva Paradox have been spotted deploying into the system and have attacked Triglavian fleets emerging from abyssal deadspace, as well as securing control of the area around the skyhook and Parliament station long enough to deploy emergency scanning equipment and relief supplies. Responses to the capsuleer presence have been mixed, with some calling the deployment of the Alexylva Paradox’s so called Slingshot scanning devices a sign that the system’s fall was inevitable.

The battle with the Triglavian Collective in Skarkon represents just one small front in a massive war the collective has launched against the empires of Known Space. Invasions are also taking place in systems all across New Eden. The fate of Skarkon and the rest of the cluster is far from being decided. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

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