Krullefor Forces Pushed Out of Gulormola Autonomous Zone

Skarkon Station Free Press

Krullefor Forces Pushed Out of Gulormola Autonomous Zone

By Jerindine Orindold

Following nearly a week of intense fighting along the coastlines of Gulormola, Krullefor forces have finally been repelled in a stunning combined arms strike by the Angel Cartel in concert with local militia forces. Attacks on Krullefor communications systems and strongpoints culminated in a push late last night that saw the Krullefor line crumple and collapse. By the break of dawn, the RSS backed mercenaries had been completely routed and Angel, Bosena, UNF, and Gulormolan forces had pushed clear across the Gulormola Channel.

Although the details of the attack are being kept classified, leaks from within the Angel Cartel point the the use of some form of digital weapon which wreaked catastrophic damage across Krullefor lines in the hours before Angel forces swept through the area.

Following the defeat, Krullefor troops across the planet have been left shaken and disorganized, with command and control lines heavily disrupted and communications broken and haphazard. Reports from within the Krullefor ranks indicate that communications and command staff have suffered massive casualties both on the world and aboard their orbiting facilities. How this was accomplished is unknown at this time but the widespread nature of the attack has put surviving forces in an uproar.

The victory in Gulormola did not however come without costs. As the Krullefor forces retreated and died, they activated a chemical weapon within Sa’kak which quickly spread throughout the entire city and the surrounding countryside. Although the chemical caused only a few fatalities, it did cause nearly the entire population to lose most of their memories of the last week.

Despite this, the leaders of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone and Sa’kak have called the Krullefor expulsion a stunning victory for Free Skarkon, and their victory has served as a rallying cry for the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps and other militia groups across the planet.

In Sahaal, protesters have seized and barricaded a section of the central city which includes the space elevator, and are forbidding all military forces from approaching or using the skyhook. Food and industrial shipments remain unaffected and the protest groups have continued to allow noncombatants to use the skyhook normally.

The Krullefor attempted to retake the skyhook by landing troops directly on the customs station in orbit, but were rebuffed when local leaders from the Sebiestor, Thukker, and Vherokior tribes forbid the Krullefor from turning the vital supply link into a battlefield and forbid them from accessing the elevator.

In Ishohuolvi, the battles between the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps and the CBD Corporation have continued with no end up sight. Militia forces clashed with Spacelane Patrol and Onikanabo Mercenaries all across the district. A battle which broke out within one of the largest TASC mines in the caused the mine to collapse, triggering massive landslides, subsidence events, and sinkholes all across the area. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

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