Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes

Skarkon Station Free Press

Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes

By Jerindine Orindold

Ash and dust clouds continue to rise into the stratosphere following a massive orbital strike by Angel Cartel warships. During the early hours of Monday, an isolated Krullefor compound in the mountainous highlands at the border of Kalilia and Skardisaad was targeted for destruction by a fleet of Machariels which had taken up temporary station in low orbit. While the base was not among major Krullefor installations and contained only a defensive garison, the Cartel clearly viewed its destruction of paramount strategic importance.

There was no preamble to the attack and no ground strike was believed to have been carried out on the facility, the orbiting fleet simply opened up on the compound with all of their weapons as soon as they had taken up station in orbit, obliterating the base with combined firepower equal to that of a supervolcanic eruption. Earthquakes and shockwaves were heard and felt as far away as Sahaal and a cloud of ash and dust could clearly be seen from the elevator station.

Shortly following the attack, Angel ground transports were sighted leaving facilities across the surface as a mass evacuation of Angel troops to the waiting fleet in orbit took place. Skarkon Station Free Press has acquired large amounts of amateur footage of civilians exploring recently abandoned Angel bases, and it is believed that the Cartel has removed most of their combat presence from the surface of the planet.

Following this evacuation, the orbiting fleet broke orbit and vanished from observation. Without Cartel troops, Krullefor mercenaries have made inroads into Melorisagard and Kor’ali, areas that had previously been intensely fought over, while the Gulormola Autonomous Zone and the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone continue to rebuff their attempts to reestablish themselves. Fighting in Ishohuolvi and Mahonisgard continues with local militias waging a pitched war against corporate police and mercenary forces. What the evacuation of Cartel forces means for the future of Free Skarkon remains to be seen, but fears are high among local militias that the balance of power may have shifted against their independence movement. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Above: Ash clouds rise into the sky following the massive orbital strike

Saede Riordan

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