BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

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BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

By Azazine Ymalgard

In a dazzlingly precise combined arms strike, the United Neopian Federation has inserted a massive military force directly into the city of Sahaal. Following a period of brief but intense fighting, UNF forces seized control of the capital city from Krellufor security forces and have begun pushing southwest down the Sahaal-Melorisagard highway.

The attack began in the early hours of the morning when a large number of orbital drop pods were fired at the planet through some form of cynosural field. While facing steep losses, these warclone shock troops successfully established a beachhead, made contact with local militia forces within the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, and destroyed local Krullefor anti-air batteries, at which point the modified UNF supercarrier Wellspring Source jumped directly into the atmosphere over the desert city with a full complement of clone fighter pilots. 

In the hours following the insertion, UNF forces have pushed southwest under air cover provided by the supercarrier, destroying Krullefor bases and interfacing with local militia operations as they’ve advanced. Krellufor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and begun a counteroffensive into the UNF flank, but the speed and ferocity of the UNF assault has left the majority of their troops out of position and scrambling to respond after their failed assaults across the Gulormola channel. 

Leaders of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone have vigorously endorsed the UNF deployment and are cheering for the liberation of the city and its surroundings, while the regime government has decried the actions as radical overreach by criminals and pirate aligned groups. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and you’re reading Heath Row News. 

Sahaal outskirts shortly after the arrival of the Wellspring Source

Saede Riordan

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