BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard

Heath Row News

BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard

by Azazine Ymalgard

The political landscape on Skarkon II has radically shifted in only two short days following the sudden and unexpected arrival of a large contingent of UNF military forces supported by the modified Wyvern-class supercarrier Wellspring Source over the planetary capital of Sahaal.

Following the capture of Sahaal, UNF forces moved southwest in a lightning quick assault to take the port city of Melorisagard from Krullefor forces, effectively driving a wedge through the center of Krullefor held Skardisaad.

Krullefor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and have attempted to make a flanking attack into the side of the UNF line, but have been heavily hampered by the speed of the UNF movement and coordination with local militia forces.

Following the deployment of atmospheric electromagnentic weapons over the Sea of Skadki, the UNF conducted an amphibious assault of Ishohuolvi across the Sea of Skadki. CBD-aligned mercenary forces have been held up on two fronts fighting both local militia elements and a massive assault by Bosena Accords forces in the Ternate Mountains. While Spacelane Patrol naval elements were dazzled and blinded by the electromagnetic attack, UNF forces quickly crossed the Sea of Skadki and captured the CBD Administrative Complex in Iddiserigard.

The last two days of attacks by UNF forces have been targeted decapitating strikes which have left local forces disorganised and out of step, however Krullefor forces have rallied faster than expected and it is believed their overall command and control structure has been largely unaffected by the attacks.

The Free Skarkon Movement is hailing the UNF attacks as a decisive move in their struggle for independence, but time will tell whether local militias can capitalize on these strikes and hold onto the territory recently liberated. The free corridor between Melorisagard and Sahaal represents a vulnerable underside to the borders of Free Skarkon, and Krullefor forces have already begun making probing attacks on this long and haphazardly defended border zone in search of weak points. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and this is Heath Row News.

Saede Riordan

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