Relief and Celebrations Following OSS Repair

Origin Observer

Relief and Celebrations Following OSS Repair


Personnel present on the Office of Special Surveillance for the event say cheers, laughs and sighs of relief could be heard after the reparation of the structure was completed on schedule. The repair operation was required because of damage done during a recent attack on the OSS. Most of the citizens and non-essential personnel were evacuated in preparation of the repair operation, but little else was known about what other preparations took place. Today a brief press conference was scheduled at the Alexylva Paradox office on the OSS about the repair operation.

ALXVP Gateway Ché Biko took the podium in what was his first official appearance in months and introduced himself as the commander overseeing the repair operation. He continued by thanking “Mia Roberts, a former corporation member who contributed meaningfully to making sure the operation would proceed as well as it did.” Then he opened the floor for questions.

His answers were mostly brief or nonspecific. In his answers Biko revealed that the OSS had been prepared for an attack and the Space Angel Scout Wing had increased their activity in the period leading up to the operation. There were possible threats in Origin at the time of the operation, but the structure had not been attacked. He declined to give details on the nature of the threats or the composition of the Origin Defense Fleet.

When the Gateway was asked why he, a capsuleer with nearly no combat experience was the commander during the operation, a moment of silence passed before he replied “No comment.” This was also to be his answer, sometimes adding a “I’ll only take questions about the repair operation.” to a series of questions during an increasingly less orderly Q&A, about ALXVP’s ability to defend Origin from invaders, the fate of the growing number of Lost and Fallen, his recent diplomatic activities as gateway, whether he could confirm if Raxi Elamp spend the night with him in the Club Inferno VIP section, and about ALXVP’s plans for the future of Origin, at which point he called an end to the conference before bowing his head to the assembled press and exiting the room.

Che Biko

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