Diplomat Dating Disaster

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Diplomat Dating Disaster


Video starts with Ché Biko’s license picture.

“For a while, rumors had been circulating that capsuleer Ché Biko, a diplomat for the corporation Alexylva Paradox and their colony in Anoikis named Origin, was still in Villore following a charity Gala at the Zyphillian Gate. Until now, these rumors could not be confirmed, and sources within the Federation government denied there were any diplomatics going on with Alexylva Paradox or Msr. Biko.

Last night, however, we received a tip that Biko would be attending a concert with a +1, and we send a reporter to check this out.”

Footage starts playing showing Biko (dressed in this, carrying coat over his left arm) and Lasairiona Raske (dressed in this) taking their center balcony loge seats in a concert hall, filmed from their front left.

“The woman has been identified as Lasairiona Raske, the capsuleer proprietress of L’Amore in Ballo in Kasrasi, mother of four, and rumored to be in a romance with the Mercenary Coalition capsuleer Davlos, who had bid 1 billion ISK in a charity auction to date Raske. Raske had bid a quarter billion ISK in that same auction to date Biko, but whether or not their attendance of this concert was that date or something that followed is not clear.”

Footage showing Biko raising a glass of whisky to Lasa, who makes it meet with her glass of white wine.

“Their evening started off well enough…”

Footage showing a compilation of Lasa smiling very happily, Ché smiling slightly at Lasa, Ché looking at the orchestra with his eyebrows twitching into frowns and glistening eyes.

“…and they both seemed to enjoy the concert, and the music visibly moved them, barely speaking with eachother.”

Footage showing Lasa resting her hand on Biko’s arm, Ché glancing at this and the slightly smiling at Lasa, who smiles over at Ché and says something to him. Ché then bows his head and turns his arm, inviting Lasa’s hand into his. The camera zooms in on their hands as their fingers intertwine.

“As the concert went on, the two got increasingly intimate.”

Footage showing Lasa resting her head on his shoulder, then showing Ché watching the concert with a frown, a wry smile and teary eyes as Lasa tips her head slighty to look at him and say something low in his ear. Che smiles a bit wider in response and nods as a tear escapes the inner corner of his eye. He lets it flow halfway down his cheek before wiping it off.

“It even seemed they were about to kiss. But then things took a wrong turn.”

Footage showing Ché standing to applaud, Lasa gracefully doing the same and smiling at Ché. Ché wipes his eyes, then smiles slightly at Lasa, and says something to her. Lasa’s reply causes him to laugh. Lasa peers at him, flushed, and appears to ask a very short question. Ché smiles and shakes his head as he sits down again. He says something to Lasa, then starts laughing again, then holds the bridge of his nose. Lasa frowns, clearly not enjoying herself. Ché sips his whisky as he truns his attention to the stage, Lasa sits down again, her mood a bit less light than before.

“At the end of the official program, a verbal exchange between the two was clearly not equally enjoyable for both of them. Biko seemed not to notice this initially, distracted by an unscheduled encore.”

Footage shows Ché watching the performance, leaning back and stroking the hairs on his chin, perking up his left eyebrow amused. Lasa sits rather stiffy. The footage cuts to Ché standing and clapping, while Lasa sits and claps. Ché sits down next to Lasa with a soft smile and speak to her. Lasa’s reply causes him to frown, he then replies before smiling slightly. Lasa stands and replies. Ché frowns and speaks to Lasa. Lasa blinks and replies. Ché leans forward and bows his head, angry frowns twitching his eyebrows. He gulps up the last of his whisky.

“After the encore, Biko became aware something was wrong, and appeared to try to remedy the situation, but was seemingly unsuccessful.”

The camera picture wobbles as if walking, the viewpoint moving closer and more to the side of the subjects being filmed as they continue their discussion, Lasa clenching and unclenching her hand by her side, Ché scoffing and looking at Lasa briefly with an angry frown before looking at the floor again. He then smiles slightly in response to something Lasa said and shaking his head as he replies before leaning back in his seat and looking towards the stage with a grim expression on his face continuing saying something.

“He soon seemed to enjoy himself as little as Raske, perhaps even less so.”

Footage continues the camera now to the side and slightly behind the subjects. Lasa says something to Ché, which causes him to look at Lasa with teary eyes and an angry frown as he exclaims “Because, Lasa…you make me feel the same!” Ché looks behind him, over his shoulder. The camera pans sharply to a group of people behind Ché and Lasa who appear to have stopped exiting the hall to look towards Lasa and Ché in response to his outburst, but the quickly continue their departure. The camera flicks back to Ché and Lasa, who continue talking.

“The discussion between the two got quite heated, an outburst of Biko grabbing the attention of some of the departing audience.”

Footage shows Lasa and Ché continuing their talk as the camera continues to walk closer behind the pair, Ché resting his face in his hands, Lasa lifting her chin, Ché looking to Lasa sadly, Lasa biting her lip to stop it trembling.

Ché sighs and stands, smiling wryly and shaking his head slightly, remaining silent. Lasa quickly turns to gather her things. Ché frowns and lets his head fall forward. Lasa turns again, and speaks to Ché, the microphone picking up words gradually as it comes closer.

“You [.]ow, [.]I [.]t [.]ot be per[.]e[.]..I’ve [.]ev[.] [.]rofessed to be, [.]ut I do try to be nice to people. And that’s something pretty damned rare in this universe.” Ché remains standing, frozen, head down.

Lasa continues, “So, if you have something to say to me, say it now. Because I’m tired of feeling like dirt around you.”

Ché looks up to Lasa and responds, “…You…despite your imperfections…”, he tears up, “…I could never hope to be like you are…I can only hope to be the dirt beneath your feet.” He lets his head fall forward again. “Now go before we burn each other again.”

Lasa sighs, closing her eyes for a moment, before she departs. Ché watches Lasa go as tears flow down his cheeks. He then notices and turns to the camera and frowns angrily. “Fuck you!” He keeps his frown on the camera for a moment, then turns and sits back down on his seat, leaning forward, burying his face in his hands.

Footage cuts to Ché, filmed from behind, still sitting with his face in his hands. The camera then focuses on the stage, where Lasa can be seen talking to the orchestra conductor. She glances briefly in Ché’s direction before leaving. The camera focuses on Ché again, who seems to not have noticed Lasa.

“There you have it, folks. Special Ambassador Biko. Lets hope he has more success in dealing with Diplomats.”\

Che Biko

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