Gateway Called Back By OCP

Origin Observer

Gateway Called Back By OCP


The Alexylva Paradox Gateway Ché Biko has been called back by the Origin Child Protection. Allegedly he used his position as Coordinator to pressure an OCP team to withdraw certain measures they wanted to take in order to ensure the safety of a child in a family under OCP supervision. When the OCP management learned about this, they took the case under their supervision to ensure any measures necessary for the safety of the child will be taken. Additionally, due to Biko’s involvement in the incident that caused the family to be placed under supervision of the OCP, Biko is not allowed to have any contact with the child until further investigation is concluded.

The last couple of months Biko has all but disappeared from the public eye, and even appears to have taken measures to avoid being recognized when out in the public, disguising himself with a cap and sunglasses and shaving off his beard. When the Origin Observer contacted him a few days ago for a birthday interview he declined to give one, but he was willing to answer some questions about the OCP today.

When asked for his comments he replied “The child is my godson, his mother is my best friend. […] I feel like it is not fair to say I abused my position as Coordinator, though I’m not denying that it may have helped in the OCP team trusting me when I personally guaranteed that things would still be safe if they did not take certain measures. […] I thought some of the measures they were taking or about to take were heavy handed, impulsive and defeating the purpose. I also thought the mother of the child was being treated unfairly, and I noticed some OCP employees were not completely honest about some things.

Biko declined to comment on (his involvement in) the incident that led to the family being placed under OCP supervision.

Che Biko

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