Gateway Ship Spotted

Origin Observer

Gateway Ship Spotted


Today around 1500 NEST, the diplomatic shuttle Axii Arkon Sarain undocked from the the OCR Station Office of Special Surveillance, stopped just outside the gates and remained there for a few minutes before returning to the dock. The ship was piloted by the owner, Alexylva Paradox Gateway Ché Biko. Both the ship and the capsuleer had not been seen in space for a long time. One of the last (and more prominent) of the few appearances of the ship was when it was used to escort the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque emissary from the Amarr Empire to Icarus Station prior to its destruction. For the pilot, Gateway Biko, this was his only his second or third known appearance in space since the sacking of Origin’s orbital assets in April.

Biko is one of maybe a handful of ALXVP capsuleers known to have remained in Origin, but he has not made any official appearances on behalf the corporation since the spring conflict, either in the flesh, ship or on GalNet.

As far as known, he also does not patrol the system as part of the Space Angels Scout Wing. He has made some public appearances, mostly at Decentralizer events, but he is reluctant to answer questions about the presence, purpose, and future of ALXVP in Origin, or even if he still plans to move into his penthouse. His responses to these kind of questions are usually things like “No comment.” or “Personally, I have no plans to leave Origin.” He is sometimes spotted in Foundation City without his corp jacket, his recognizable features disguised by a cap and sunglasses to avoid the curiosity and questions of the populace.

There is still much speculation and discussion about the role and future of ALXVP in Origin, and the appearance of the Gateway’s ship is sure to add to this. Was it an action akin to flag waving in a way to say “I am/We are still here!”? Are there diplomatic negotiations on the horizon or in progress? At this time, we could not reach anyone knowledgeable to comment on the reasons for the undocking, and so the speculation continues.

Che Biko

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