Origin↔Destination (O↔D) Under Investigation, Intersystem Flights Suspended Following Security Breach

Origin Observer

Origin↔Destination (O↔D) Under Investigation, Intersystem Flights Suspended Following Security Breach


During a brief press conference today, Ché Biko, CEO of the Origin↔Destination transport company, revealed that at least one person had gained unauthorized access into Origin by bribing one or more of his pilots, and that he would launch an investigation to see which pilots are responsible, and whether it was an isolated incident or not. Biko closed his opening statement with “In the meantime, OD shuttles will not be allowed to enter or exit Origin without my express permission.” after which he took some questions from the assembled press.

When asked whether this breach in system security was related to the attack on the Office of Special Surveillance last week, he responded. “This seems unlikely, as the breach took place after the attack.” When asked about the identity of the intruder Biko declined to reveal it, but did say he knows who it is, and that “there’s no indication that the intruder had malevolent intentions. I don’t consider this particular intruder a risk as much as the breach itself. The next intruder may have malevolent intentions however…so this should not happen.”

At this moment it is not certain how this will affect Biko’s growing popularity. It had been in a steady rise since he became one of the most visible advocates for the Decentralizers. It took a dive during the visit from the Emissary of the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque, when he was leading the diplomatic talks, but following the Sacking of Origin, it rose to unprecedented levels, and he was recently promoted to Coordinator within Alexylva Paradox.

Some of the citizens watching the conference expressed disappointment in the fact that the security breach was found in Biko’s own transport company, but most still had trust in him because he seemed forthcoming and honest about the incident.

Che Biko

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