Schoorasana Saviour Secretly Sansha Slaver!?!

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Schoorasana Saviour Secretly Sansha Slaver!?! 


Ché Biko, who was born in Vredelwhaen, but grew up in his current hometown of Zilveras, is not the only capsuleer who hails from the Schoorasana system, but he is one of the better known ones. And not for the things capsuleers are usually known for, no this guy is special, if only for the fact that he also does not think too highly of the so-called “elite”. He’s known to utter the term “egger” on a regular basis, and from time to time voices his disgust about the most immoral actions of his colleagues.
Not only that, be he is actually one of the rare specimens that tries to use his power to help others, and tries to do so with a lot of respect for the lives of us “baseliners”: He has not destroyed a hostile ship in years, and his own loss rate is very low. He has not lost a crew in years, and his losses are only half a dozen ships in total.

Recently, Biko, who was always somewhat of a humanitarian when he was not having fun racing in the Subwarp Racing Venture league or filling his wallets with his industrial activities, went a bit further than writing petitions and pointless picketing. He actually started to do something good: saving the lives of those marooned in space.

These “deathcan rescues” were being done by others before Biko joined the cause, but he quickly decided that things could be done better and created the C3SRC channel in order to increase patrol coverage and efficiency.
Sounds like a nice guy, right? But wait…there’s more. We at SmEggtalk investigated Biko’s doings and we uncovered some worrying things.

You don’t have to search GalNet too thoroughly to see that he’s somewhat of a closet Sansha loyalist. Just read his story “Nightmares” to get a glimpse of his psychopathic side. CONCORD has also taken note of his connections with more criminally inclined capsuleers and/or their establishments: He’s been visiting parties and establishments (usually under influence of one substance or another) of capsuleers like Silas Vitalia, Evelyn Meiyi, Leopold Caine and was romanticly involved with Cynthia Gallente.

And what do all these people have in common? They were or still are involved in human trafficking and slavery and many other things that would discourage most humanitarians from visiting their parties. It makes one wonder: why exactly does a humanitarian like Biko socialize with these people? And what fate awaits those who are rescued by Biko?

Although he does cooperate with fellow rescue pilots, mainly the Disciples of Ston, he has only on one or two occasions, during his first partrols, transferred the people (mostly slaves) he rescues to their emancipation/matriculation centers. Biko never mentioned what he does with those he has saved since then, and nobody has bothered to ask.

We managed to find one member of the temp crews Biko hires whenever he’s going to one of the mentioned establishments in low security space, the Ivory Tower in the Akila system in this particular case. “Yeah…I remember that trip. [..] We encountered one of those deathcans. [..] So, we arrived [at the Tower] with…I think around 20 additional passengers whose lives we saved. But I’ve not seen them after the initial inspection, which was well before we arrived, so I can’t tell if they were on board or not when we left the next day. I just assumed they were fine.

This crew member is not the only one we could find that, although they took part in other rescues, had no idea what happened to those saved after they left the ship. In fact, not one of those we found knew what the fate of those people was.

Now, look at this communication summary between Biko and Sansha loyalist Tiberious Thessalonia and another egger on The Summit channel:

[ 115.12.04 00:28:36 ] Che Biko > Hello, Tiberious. I have something for you.
[ 115.12.04 00:29:30 ] Che Biko > Would you be able to pick it up in Tekaima?[Biko’s HQ system]
[ 115.12.04 00:33:06 ] Caldari Egger [Name withheld] > Why not hire a professional courier?
[ 115.12.04 00:34:02 ] Che Biko > Me? I would not know where to send it to.
[ 115.12.04 00:34:21 ] Caldari Egger > Red Frog Freight
[ 115.12.04 00:34:27 ] Caldari Egger > Send it to them.
[ 115.12.04 00:34:49 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > Red Frog does not take orders to unknown areas.
[ 115.12.04 00:35:07 ] Caldari Egger > Ah, he does not know the destination.
[ 115.12.04 00:35:20 ] Caldari Egger > If I might hazard an ignorant assumption, I’d say he wants it sent to Nation.
[ 115.12.04 00:38:23 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > That should be fine.  I will have someone come pick it up.
[ 115.12.04 00:38:59 ] Che Biko > Should be fine…heh.
[ 115.12.04 00:39:16 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > Yes, thank you.
[ 115.12.04 00:39:23 ] Tiberious Thessalonia > I will make sure it is well taken care of.

Now, what could a humanitarian rescue pilot possibly have that would be of interest to nation?

Is there a more sinister reason why he created a channel to “cooperate” with other rescue pilots?

Unfortunately, this is as far as we can take our investigation. Our resources have limits, especially outside Schoorasana, so we were not able to find out what was exchanged between Thessalonia and Biko, and we hope that this publication prompts CONCORD or some other media outlet with more adequate resources to investigate further.

Che Biko

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