Somber Notes Carry the Day at Landfall Festival

Transhumanity Today

Somber Notes Carry the Day at Landfall Festival

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – After being cancelled in YC120 amidst the turmoil of reconstruction following the Sacking of Origin, the Landfall Music Festival returned to Landfall park this year. The Fifth Landfall Festival was notable for many reasons. In addition to celebrating the establishment of Origin as an independent colony, the festival also serves to shake a defiant fist to the heavens at the forces who just last year tried to end the dream of Origin forever. It is also notable in that just last month the backlog of sentients killed and awaiting relifing following the Sacking of Origin was finally processed.

However, as the number of relifed grew, so too has the number of Lost and Fallen, those sentients who, for reasons not yet understood, failed to emerge properly after cloning. The Lost and Fallen number nearly four hundred thousand, a major point of pain for Cloning Services Coordinator Mikai Heliokanen.

With so many lost, and with nearly half the population fleeing the system for Known Space in the year following the Sacking, this years Landfall Festival has taken on a quieter, more somber tone than that normally present at the celebration.

Speeches given by prominent artists and political leaders this year featured many themes of loss and recovery, fear and hope, separation and community, and even the music played has been somewhat more muted than previous years.

Adding to the somber mood was the unveiling of the Indigo City Memorial on the north side of Landfall Park. The memorial consists of a long curving trench set into the hillside, with stones plates containing the names of all of those who died in the conflict on a short section of wall and the names of all the Lost and Fallen on the longer section. Copies of the Lost and Fallen’s clone state data was also backed up in secure servers beneath the monument.

Mikai Heliokanen gave a passionate and heartfelt speech at the dedication of the memorial, stating:

“This is not the end of your journey my dear friends, it is merely a temporary parting of ways. Rest gently knowing you will be remembered forever, your struggles will not be forgotten, you will not be abandoned to the dark night. We will search to the ends of the universe until we find a way to return you to us, until the last specters of death are forced in defeat to flee these shores. May we meet again.”

Copycat festivals have also popped up on Arboria, Crucifix, Serendipity, and Terminus, leading to speculation that the celebration may slowly morph into a holiday for the entire system. Reporting from Landfall Park, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today

Saede Riordan

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