Normal Life

She walks into the nursery to watch the twins sleep and a self-satisfied smile comes across her face, unable to sleep right now. Both of them almost 13 weeks old already, where has the time gone? Life has changed for them, she reaches out to caresses Violet’s head as she sleeps. She slips out of the nursery quietly without a sound, moving onto to Amitel’s room. Looking at the time she realizes that it is time for her to get up for school, knocking on the door. “Ami, it’s time to get up for school. What do you want for breakfast?” The muffled sound of a stirring child comes from the room, through her pillows; “Pancakes please…” Lit makes her way to the kitchen letting Amitel get ready and dressed, she starts to make breakfast.

She thinks back to the beginning of the year and so much has changed since then; even who she flies with now, her family dynamics have changed with the birth of the twins. Here she is on Indigo City with the kids, except for Duncan, he stayed behind for University though he may come here for an internship, but we will see about that. Absentmindedly she makes the pancakes that were asked for, flipping them on the griddle. Amitel comes out of her room to the kitchen wearing her jacket that has the sign for Alexylva’s scout wing on the back of it, it was a gift of unexpected magnitude for her. She puts the pancakes on the plate and through her implants the twins start stirring. She looks over to the 12 year old “Do you want us to walk you to school today?” Amitel thinks for a moment as she chews on her pancakes and responds.”Yes please.”

She walks back down to the nursery hearing the twins coo and squirm. She opens the door with a sing song voice “Babies….. babies….” and walks up to Violet’s crib, the baby’s name decorated onto the light purple wall behind the crib. Violet smiles up at her mom as she is “How is my princess?…ooof, you are squishy, time to change you and your brother.” She places Violet down on the change table and begins to change the diaper, before getting her dressed in a pale blue dress with a white ribbon and a flower head band to match and finally placing her down into the infant swing and buckling her in. Walking over to Vincent’s crib with his name scrawled across the rich blue in white lettering, she speaks softly to him as well. “Someone is squishy too.” She nuzzles him as he looks up with his bright eyes, bringing him over to the change table. “How is my favorite little man? Hmmm?” He looks up at her with a smile with eyes wide open. She dresses him in a blue jean overalls with a white diaper shirt underneath. She pulls over and opens the two seated stroller, putting Vincent in first, then getting Violet from the swing.

The stroller is wheeled into the kitchen just as Amitel finishes her pancakes. Hopping down from her stool, Amitel gives the twins each a kiss and then scurries off to the bathroom to get ready for school. The twins begin cooing, as well as babbling as Lit kneels down in front of them, making sure the diaper bag has everything she needs just in case the need arises. After a few moments Amitel comes out from the bathroom, “Mom can you fix my hair? Its not cooperating.” She nods her head “Of course, give me the brush.” The brush is handed over as she starts to comb through the red hair, then finally once all the knots are out, she decides to put a french braid in. She slides the brush on the counter, and looks at the three of them “Shall we?”. “Yup, let’s go!” Amitel exclaims. She gets behind the stroller and pushes it to the door, slipping on her shoes.

Through her implants she locks the door once they are all out in the corridor. They walk through one of the residential areas of Indigo City where there is ‘natural’ lighting so that when outside of their homes they still get the vitamins needed. They walk past a park with a playground structure on it; the giggles of a little boy playing there with his parents catch their notice. There is a bit of foot traffic out this morning as people are getting to work, getting children to school and people just starting their day. A Civre girl walks up to them as they progress, Amitel beams “Miranda, hey..wanna walk with us to school?”. The Civre girl looks at the family “Sure, are these your brother and sister that you talk about?” Amitel nods “Yah, this is Violet, and this is Vincent.” Miranda exclaims “Oh, they are soooo cute, but so tiny.” They begin to walk again towards the school, the two young girls chatting the entire way about school and all the juicy gossip for tweens, stopping at intersections as they see hover cars and other vehicles go through them. Finally about 20 minutes later, they arrive at the school, that is a buzz with children arriving for school, it seems to be a hub activity for this time of morning.

The two tweens skip onto the school property waving bye to her. She smiles while watching them as they approach a bunch of girl of all varieties. The group of tween girls start giggling and chatting up a storm. She smiles watching the girls and seeing Amitel with friends at her new school. It’s hard being the new kid to a school where kids have known each other for a while. But Amitel seems to fit in with this group, which is nice to see. The bell rings for them to enter the school and the girls go as a group. Once they are in the school she turns around and makes her way back to the apartment. Yes, life has certainly changed.


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