Over two thousand stars make up the network of constantly shifting systems called Anoikis. Also known as wormhole space or j-space, these regions offer a unique form of gameplay not found anywhere else in EVE. Constant shifting access to new systems, new opportunities, and new threats requires discipline, vigilance, and at least a hint of paranoia. Those with skill, wit, and courage stand to gain untold riches. However, with great rewards also come great risks, and in the darkness of space, you never know who, or what, you might run into.


Scanning is the core of wormhole space gameplay, the ability to scan and find things in space is the difference between life and death. In a realm without local, you live or die by your probes and directional scanner.


Anoikis is filled with the ruins of the mysterious sleeper civilization. Guarded by fearsome sleeper drones, these ruins contain untold technological riches, waiting to be rediscovered.


Connecting wormhole space together are the titular wormholes. Operating on their own unique mechanics, an understanding of wormholes and how they work is essential to survival and prosperity for those seeking to make Anoikis their home.


In the lawless regions of wormhole space, combat is a fact of life and survival depends on strength, skill, and cunning. Remember, there’s always a bigger fish.


The constantly shifting network of wormholes hides within it vast wealth and great adventure, from hidden pirate facilities to shattered worlds to silent battlefields, every jump through a wormhole contains new discoveries waiting to be made.


Anoikis is filled with unique resources, many not found anywhere else in the universe. Strange gases, valuable ores, rich planets, mysterious salvage, and relics of the lost sleeper civilization.