BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard

Heath Row News

BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard

by Azazine Ymalgard

The political landscape on Skarkon II has radically shifted in only two short days following the sudden and unexpected arrival of a large contingent of UNF military forces supported by the modified Wyvern-class supercarrier Wellspring Source over the planetary capital of Sahaal.

Following the capture of Sahaal, UNF forces moved southwest in a lightning quick assault to take the port city of Melorisagard from Krullefor forces, effectively driving a wedge through the center of Krullefor held Skardisaad.

Krullefor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and have attempted to make a flanking attack into the side of the UNF line, but have been heavily hampered by the speed of the UNF movement and coordination with local militia forces.

Following the deployment of atmospheric electromagnentic weapons over the Sea of Skadki, the UNF conducted an amphibious assault of Ishohuolvi across the Sea of Skadki. CBD-aligned mercenary forces have been held up on two fronts fighting both local militia elements and a massive assault by Bosena Accords forces in the Ternate Mountains. While Spacelane Patrol naval elements were dazzled and blinded by the electromagnetic attack, UNF forces quickly crossed the Sea of Skadki and captured the CBD Administrative Complex in Iddiserigard.

The last two days of attacks by UNF forces have been targeted decapitating strikes which have left local forces disorganised and out of step, however Krullefor forces have rallied faster than expected and it is believed their overall command and control structure has been largely unaffected by the attacks.

The Free Skarkon Movement is hailing the UNF attacks as a decisive move in their struggle for independence, but time will tell whether local militias can capitalize on these strikes and hold onto the territory recently liberated. The free corridor between Melorisagard and Sahaal represents a vulnerable underside to the borders of Free Skarkon, and Krullefor forces have already begun making probing attacks on this long and haphazardly defended border zone in search of weak points. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and this is Heath Row News.

Saede Riordan

BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

Heath Row News

BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal

By Azazine Ymalgard

In a dazzlingly precise combined arms strike, the United Neopian Federation has inserted a massive military force directly into the city of Sahaal. Following a period of brief but intense fighting, UNF forces seized control of the capital city from Krellufor security forces and have begun pushing southwest down the Sahaal-Melorisagard highway.

The attack began in the early hours of the morning when a large number of orbital drop pods were fired at the planet through some form of cynosural field. While facing steep losses, these warclone shock troops successfully established a beachhead, made contact with local militia forces within the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, and destroyed local Krullefor anti-air batteries, at which point the modified UNF supercarrier Wellspring Source jumped directly into the atmosphere over the desert city with a full complement of clone fighter pilots. 

In the hours following the insertion, UNF forces have pushed southwest under air cover provided by the supercarrier, destroying Krullefor bases and interfacing with local militia operations as they’ve advanced. Krellufor troops have rallied in Kor’ali and begun a counteroffensive into the UNF flank, but the speed and ferocity of the UNF assault has left the majority of their troops out of position and scrambling to respond after their failed assaults across the Gulormola channel. 

Leaders of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone have vigorously endorsed the UNF deployment and are cheering for the liberation of the city and its surroundings, while the regime government has decried the actions as radical overreach by criminals and pirate aligned groups. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Azazine Ymalgard and you’re reading Heath Row News. 

Sahaal outskirts shortly after the arrival of the Wellspring Source

Saede Riordan

Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes

Skarkon Station Free Press

Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes

By Jerindine Orindold

Ash and dust clouds continue to rise into the stratosphere following a massive orbital strike by Angel Cartel warships. During the early hours of Monday, an isolated Krullefor compound in the mountainous highlands at the border of Kalilia and Skardisaad was targeted for destruction by a fleet of Machariels which had taken up temporary station in low orbit. While the base was not among major Krullefor installations and contained only a defensive garison, the Cartel clearly viewed its destruction of paramount strategic importance.

There was no preamble to the attack and no ground strike was believed to have been carried out on the facility, the orbiting fleet simply opened up on the compound with all of their weapons as soon as they had taken up station in orbit, obliterating the base with combined firepower equal to that of a supervolcanic eruption. Earthquakes and shockwaves were heard and felt as far away as Sahaal and a cloud of ash and dust could clearly be seen from the elevator station.

Shortly following the attack, Angel ground transports were sighted leaving facilities across the surface as a mass evacuation of Angel troops to the waiting fleet in orbit took place. Skarkon Station Free Press has acquired large amounts of amateur footage of civilians exploring recently abandoned Angel bases, and it is believed that the Cartel has removed most of their combat presence from the surface of the planet.

Following this evacuation, the orbiting fleet broke orbit and vanished from observation. Without Cartel troops, Krullefor mercenaries have made inroads into Melorisagard and Kor’ali, areas that had previously been intensely fought over, while the Gulormola Autonomous Zone and the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone continue to rebuff their attempts to reestablish themselves. Fighting in Ishohuolvi and Mahonisgard continues with local militias waging a pitched war against corporate police and mercenary forces. What the evacuation of Cartel forces means for the future of Free Skarkon remains to be seen, but fears are high among local militias that the balance of power may have shifted against their independence movement. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Above: Ash clouds rise into the sky following the massive orbital strike

Saede Riordan

Hit Squad Kills Nine in Sahaal

Skarkon Station Free Press

Hit Squad Kills Nine in Sahaal

By Jerindine Orindold

The Saj’val marketplace ten blocks south of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone became the sight of an intense bout of violence today when local angel official Merim Palto was killed by Seykal mercenaries. Her vehicle and its three escorts were attacked after being boxed into the market square in a short but brutal conflict that left nine bystanders dead and twenty four wounded, eleven critically, in addition to Palto herself and her escorts who were all executed on the site. The mercenaries also suffered four casualties including one which witnesses report as being messily dismembered before the angel defenders could all be put down.

The attackers quickly raided the armored vehicle of several crates and unknown items before retreating, leaving the street decimated and public anger heightened by what was seen as a brazen and unnecessarily bloody. Because the mercenaries took their dead with them, the identities of the attacks is not known for certain, but many point the finger at the Seykal Clan, long believed to be involved in the Krullefor/RSS security racket which has increasingly drawn the ire of Molden Heath locals.

Eyewitness reports of the battle are confused and laced with fear of retaliation by the so called security contractors which have instituted an increasingly violent and draconian police regime after being pushed out of the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one eyewitness reported the following:

“I knew something was up as soon as I’d heard the tires squeeling. They parked three vehicles across the roadways and boxed in that Angel convoy and I knew it was about to turn nasty. I hit the ground as fast as I could and I’m glad I did because the shooting started a few seconds later. I saw a man and his daughter both go down at the next stall over, both sides were firing wildly and not paying attention to the crowds. Those mercenaries had rockets and they took out the angel escorts quick as you might and yanked that woman right out of her armored car with some sort of firefighting equipment. I thought they were gonna take her prisoner, they had her in cuffs and started to drag her away, but she said something and her eyes went empty and then one of them mercs just up and exploded, body parts going every which way, and they reacted real fast after that, put a bullet in her and then went round making sure the escorts was all dead. Then they gathered up all their dead and made out of there quick as you might.”

While the Angels did confirm that Palto did occupy a leadership role as a member of the Domination Angels, they declined to reveal her exact position or role within the criminal organization. Sources close to the cartel point towards her being involved in their cryptic Jovian Research Division, but this is consider fairly speculative. The RSS has put out a statement that anyone working with the Angels could be detained indefinitely without trial. This has only further inflamed local anger since many see accusations of cartel sympathies as a canard used to justify locking up protest leaders, silencing dissent, and attempting to create an atmosphere of fear on the desert planet.

The Skarkon Civil War continues with no end seen in sight as battles continue across Skardisaad and beyond and all the forces digging into the world seem to be committing to the long haul. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

Triglavians Routed, Kril Efrit Appointed as Khumatar

Skarkon Station Free Press

Triglavians Routed, Kril Efrit Appointed as Khumatar

By Jerindine Orindold

After several days of intense fighting with neither side gaining an edge, the Triglavian invasion of Skarkon has come to an end. Triglavian forces pulled out early in the day to much celebration and a collective sigh of relief from the populace. Debris from the battles continue to rain down on worlds across the system and a gas harvesting facility in the upper atmosphere of Skarkon III was outright destroyed when the wrecks of several capital ships deorbited atop the unlucky mining station.

Despite the pleas for a cease fire from capsuleer forces backing the Free Skarkon movement, RSS backed Krullefor troops and CBD backed Spacelane Patrol and Onikanabo Bridgade forces continued to wage a desperate war against local militias and protest groups across the troubled world, even as the Triglavian invasion raged above their heads. The Angel Cartel in particular was quick to denounce the RSS’s actions with a local Angel official stating of the RSS “And they call us the traitors.”

Kor’ali has become a major battlefield as the Angel Cartel pressed the advantage they established last week when they knocked the Krullefor out of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone. Angel backed troops established a beachhead in Kor’ali and the intense fighting has not been easy on a population already in turmoil following the detonation of a dirty bomb there last month.

The Gulormola Autonomous Zone continues to work towards establishing itself as a legitimate counterweight to the RSS backed mercenaries, with local administrators and leaders going as far as requesting that Angel Cartel forces leave the zone to local militias, and promising that if their assistance was required to maintain their independence, that contracted military units would be well paid for their trouble. In perhaps a surprising twist, the local angel leader, a figure known by many as The Devil You Know, agreed to remove angel troops from the zone in exchange for favorable trade relations and a promise to allow the legal sale of boosters to continue.

Following the agreement, Angel forces in the zone dispersed to neighboring Ishohuolvi, Skardisaad, and Kalilia, where in a show of surprisingly good faith for the criminal cartel, they are continuing to assist in the ongoing efforts of the Free Skarkon movement without taking the position of occupying warlords. What their overall game or plan for the system is, remains to be seen but public opinion of the cartel remains at an all time high.

Shortly following the withdrawal of Triglavian forces, Sanmatar Shakor appointed Khumatar Kril Efrit as Khumatar of Skarkon. Kril Efrit had previously held the title as Chief Director of the RSS’s Clandestine Activity Division and the Matar Planetary Security Coordinator. Many have called the promotion a slap in the face to Efrit following his failures in preventing the Mikramurkan Deathglow attacks and what many see as bungling in his current position within the RSS.

The RSS followed up this announcement by calling for the arrests of hundreds of “angel cartel” and “slaver mercenary” collaborators, a list which includes dozens of senior protest leaders in the Sahaal Elevator and Gulormola Autonomous Zones along with members of the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps, Sa’kak city administrators, and local militia leaders across the planet. This move was seen by those in the Free Skarkon movement as an attempt to smother their ongoing battle for justice and independence. While several arrests have been made since the announcements went out, including the handoff of a rather notorious slave holding Angel warlord by the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, by and large, the Free Skarkon movement has circled the wagons around the threatened parties and continue their push for justice and independence.

Efrit called for a meeting of the local landholding clans and landed interests in Skarkon, who have backed his calls for the crushing of “slaver mercenaries and “upstart traitors” seeing the Free Skarkon movement as a threat to their local dominion. The Skarkon Clans & Territories Trade Association, one of the few local associations not to sign the Vele’kor Subtribe’s political declaration calling for justice and reparations on behalf of the people of Molden Heath, has declared their full backing of Khumatar Efrit.

Protest groups, non-landholding clans, local militias, and the government of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, have had mixed reactions to Efrit’s appointment, with some willing to offer an olive branch, and others viewing it as yet another attempt by the RSS to keep the boot on their backs.

The Gulormola Autonomous Zone and Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone have both offered to host Efrit for peace talks and have called for a peaceful transfer of power to the local population and deescalation from the state of civil war which continues to rage across the planet. Thus far, Khumatar Efrit has yet to respond. Reporting from the Sahaal Elevator Autonomous Zone, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon!

Skarkon Station Free Press

BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon!

By Jerindine Orindold

In a stunning show of force that has brought all the factions of the Skarkon Civil War to a momentary halt, the Triglavian Collective has launched an invasion of the Skarkon System. Scouting fleets were spotted yesterday before quickly escalating to a full invasion with abyssal conduits emerging all across the system.

Forces belonging to EDENCOM and the Republic Fleet were quick to respond, deploying fleets and installations into Skarkon to try and slow the tide of invasion. Since then, battles have raged all across the system, with debris and shipwrecks filling the skies above the planets and around the stations. EDENCOM forces have suffered heavy losses at the hands of the mysterious invaders, but Matari defense fleets gave as good as they received and a near equal number of Triglavian shipwrecks were scattered across space.

Galm Eskola-Fae of the Bosena Accords has called for all the factions fighting on the surface of Skarkon II to declare a temporary cease fire so that efforts could be focused on repelling the Triglavian fleets. Representatives from UNF, the Gulormola Autonomous Zone, the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps, and the Angel Cartel have all agreed to this temporary truce, but the CBD Corporation and Krullefor Organization have yet to respond to the request and battles have continued across the planet even as debris from the war in space rain down from orbit.

Defensive fleets belonging to UNF, The Bosena Accords, and the Alexylva Paradox have been spotted deploying into the system and have attacked Triglavian fleets emerging from abyssal deadspace, as well as securing control of the area around the skyhook and Parliament station long enough to deploy emergency scanning equipment and relief supplies. Responses to the capsuleer presence have been mixed, with some calling the deployment of the Alexylva Paradox’s so called Slingshot scanning devices a sign that the system’s fall was inevitable.

The battle with the Triglavian Collective in Skarkon represents just one small front in a massive war the collective has launched against the empires of Known Space. Invasions are also taking place in systems all across New Eden. The fate of Skarkon and the rest of the cluster is far from being decided. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold, and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

Krullefor Forces Pushed Out of Gulormola Autonomous Zone

Skarkon Station Free Press

Krullefor Forces Pushed Out of Gulormola Autonomous Zone

By Jerindine Orindold

Following nearly a week of intense fighting along the coastlines of Gulormola, Krullefor forces have finally been repelled in a stunning combined arms strike by the Angel Cartel in concert with local militia forces. Attacks on Krullefor communications systems and strongpoints culminated in a push late last night that saw the Krullefor line crumple and collapse. By the break of dawn, the RSS backed mercenaries had been completely routed and Angel, Bosena, UNF, and Gulormolan forces had pushed clear across the Gulormola Channel.

Although the details of the attack are being kept classified, leaks from within the Angel Cartel point the the use of some form of digital weapon which wreaked catastrophic damage across Krullefor lines in the hours before Angel forces swept through the area.

Following the defeat, Krullefor troops across the planet have been left shaken and disorganized, with command and control lines heavily disrupted and communications broken and haphazard. Reports from within the Krullefor ranks indicate that communications and command staff have suffered massive casualties both on the world and aboard their orbiting facilities. How this was accomplished is unknown at this time but the widespread nature of the attack has put surviving forces in an uproar.

The victory in Gulormola did not however come without costs. As the Krullefor forces retreated and died, they activated a chemical weapon within Sa’kak which quickly spread throughout the entire city and the surrounding countryside. Although the chemical caused only a few fatalities, it did cause nearly the entire population to lose most of their memories of the last week.

Despite this, the leaders of the Gulormola Autonomous Zone and Sa’kak have called the Krullefor expulsion a stunning victory for Free Skarkon, and their victory has served as a rallying cry for the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps and other militia groups across the planet.

In Sahaal, protesters have seized and barricaded a section of the central city which includes the space elevator, and are forbidding all military forces from approaching or using the skyhook. Food and industrial shipments remain unaffected and the protest groups have continued to allow noncombatants to use the skyhook normally.

The Krullefor attempted to retake the skyhook by landing troops directly on the customs station in orbit, but were rebuffed when local leaders from the Sebiestor, Thukker, and Vherokior tribes forbid the Krullefor from turning the vital supply link into a battlefield and forbid them from accessing the elevator.

In Ishohuolvi, the battles between the Ishohuolvi Freedom Corps and the CBD Corporation have continued with no end up sight. Militia forces clashed with Spacelane Patrol and Onikanabo Mercenaries all across the district. A battle which broke out within one of the largest TASC mines in the caused the mine to collapse, triggering massive landslides, subsidence events, and sinkholes all across the area. Reporting from Sahaal, I’m Jerindine Orindold and this is the Skarkon Station Free Press.

Saede Riordan

Following Referendum, Origin Votes to Aid EDENCOM

Transhumanity Today

Following Referendum, Origin Votes to Aid EDENCOM

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – It was a tight and contentious referendum which ended today when the final votes from the Digital Council were tallied and results were presented to the Board of Coordinators. The final results have pushed Origin from its prior position of political neutrality into one of taking direct action to oppose the potential existential threat represented in the Triglavian Collective and their actions in Known Space.

Major proponents of siding with EDENCOM included Operations Coordinator Streya Jormagdnir and Cloning services Coordinator Mikai Heliokanen. Opposing the alliance and favoring the Triglavians were System’s Coordinator Saede Riordan along with Jovian Science Coordinator Alphonse Yridrin and Reconnaissance Coordinator Niapet.

The vote split three ways between those in favor of EDENCOM, those in favor of the Triglavians, and those in favor of neutrality. The final tally showed 27% of the population supported allying with the Triglavians, 36% in favor of neutrality, and 37% in favor of siding with EDENCOM. The tightness of this vote brought many political groups into play and as it became apparant just how close it would be, actions were taken by both sides to try and encourage more members to vote on the issue. At final count nearly 86% of the population turned out for the vote, making for a record attendance not seen since the Weathgate leaks and the defense policy votes following the sacking of Origin.

Speaking from her office in Foundation City, Saede Riordan said simply, “We have heard the voices of the people loud and clear. While many of us have been harmed by the actions of CONCORD, and many of us are threatened by the laws they represent and the oppression of AIs and transhumanists those laws create, they are still our cousins and kin, or parents and sometimes children, our allies and all those who called Origin home at one point who since left. It would be unconscionable to turn our backs on them now in the face of a terrifying and unknown agenda represented by the Triglavian Collective. Nay, while the Triglavians do promise change and a toppling of existing power structures, what they will replace these with and what atrocities will unfold beneath their darkened skies is not a question we can answer and until we have an answer, to ally with them would be playing with lives, projecting our own desires for liberation from CONCORD onto these mysterious invaders. We know not what the Triglavians will do to the people of New Eden, and until we know more, we cannot allow them to continue to act. Millions of lives may hang in the balance. Thank you all for turning out to vote. We on the Board of Coordinators and within the Alexylva Paradox will heed your choices and now act to take the fight to the Triglavians across Known Space. Efforts to scan and back up the populations of afflicted systems will continue at the best speed we can proceed at, but we will focus our attention on making those terrifying and potentially unpalatable options unnecessary. We continue to do everything we can to heal and recover the Lost and Fallen, but we should seek as well to not grow their number through excessive use of cloning on civilians. We will meet the Triglavians among the stars they so covet, and we will do everything in our power to prevent them darkening the skies of Known Space.”

Following the announcement, several capsuleers operating with the Alexylva Paradox began planning operations and deploying vessels to support EDENCOM forces in their battles against the Triglavian Collective. Immigration Coordinator Vestal Hjalintor also instituted several policy changes to make it easier for refugees of the Triglavian invasion to seek refuge in Origin, which at this time is viewed to be safe from Triglavian threat. Triglavians have never been spotted within the Talocan static network, however, the stellar primary has been demonstrated to be the type of star the Triglavians would be interested in harvesting, which has created some concerns and contributed to the vote swinging towards support of EDENCOM. The conflict for the fate of New Eden is just beginning, and we’ll be here to bring you the news of this conflict as it unfolds. As always, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

Cloning Woes Plague Relifing Efforts

Transhumanity Today

Cloning Woes Plague Relifing Efforts

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – Nearly half a million of the two million people left dead in the sacking of Origin have been successfully relifed and with new cloning facilities coming online this month and next which are expected to bring the cloning rate up to 200,000 clones per month, optimism is high that the relifing operations will finish by mid YC121. However the cloning news has not been entirely positive. Almost 80,000 citizens, or 20% of those cloned so far, have suffered severe issues that ultimate rendered their new bodies nonviable.

“To claim they came back wrong would be a sort of edgy overstatement,” said Cloning services Coordinator Mikai Heliokanen, speaking from the office of the Cloning Services Commission today, “But we have had some issues.”

Would you be willing to elaborate Coordinator?

“Well, first off, we should point out that this is our first incidence of needing to do this sort of mass cloning. In most cases, the deceased are starship crews, and thus specifically trained in the psychological rigors of death and relifing. These are people who knew they were getting into life or death situations and knew they might end up being cloned at some point. We’ve had a less than 1% failure rate among this population. However among the general civilian population, people not mentally prepared to handle the relifing process, there’s been a failure rate closer to 20%.”

Can you tell us a bit about what those failures look like?

“Sure, it’s taken a number of forms. The most prevalent is catatonia and brain death. We download their scan into the new clone and it just doesn’t wake up. We see a brief spike of brain activity, sometimes accompanied by seizures, and usually followed by brain death. We’ve also seen cases of extreme violent psychosis, paranoid schizophrenia, Capgras delusions, and violent suicidality. In most of these cases, the brain ultimately burns itself out within a period of 6-8 weeks and kills the clone, but there have been a few cases where we only caught the individual after a violently psychotic episode that put other lives in danger.”

What is the Cloning Commission doing to correct these issues?

“Well, it’s unfortunate that cloning is such a new and poorly studied science. We know there are major traps to steer clear of, just look at the Jovians or the blood cults of Sakulda and you’ll see some of the potential dangers, however many of these pitfalls would likely have already been dealt with if cloning was a more widespread practice instead of one restricted to the wealthy elites in New Eden. We’re having to figure out the science of cloning as we go and that makes for slow going. I’m confident these issues can be solved, and everyone currently suffering can be made whole and brought back as they were, it will just take time.”

What will the commission do in the meantime as these issues come up along the recently relifed?

“Following an incident in the theatre district that left three people dead, we’ve instituted a policy of using service and support drones to monitor the recently relifed for a six month period to ensure a clean cloning and reintegration process and preventing them from hurting anyone if their clone becomes mentally malformed. We’ve had to terminate about 15,000 individuals due to severe issues, although around 5,000 of those were successfully cloned and returned healthy on the second try.”

Fifteen thousand, isn’t that a little extreme coordinator? It sounds to me like you’re just killing people because they have mental health disorders.

“Mira you have to understand, these are mentally healthy people, before their first deaths they were stable and had careers and in many cases families. We have their scans, they aren’t dead. If we clone them, and we get back a psychopathic shadow of a person, that’s on us to fix, and we will fix them. We can’t just wring our hands, throw them in an asylum and say “sorry that’s how they came out” it would be better to have just let them die if that’s going to be their fate. They deserve better than to be left as these husks.”

So the Commission is confident that these issues can be corrected and that all the people currently backed up can be brought back healthy and whole?

“I have dedicated my life to eradicating death from the universe. We will not stop until a solution is found, even if it takes us a thousand years. We won’t stop until there is no more death, no more pain, and the abyss herself gives up her dead, and returns them to us.”

With tears in her eyes Mikai Heliokanen has sworn an oath to solve the cloning troubles and heal what many are now calling the lost and fallen, along with all those still in need of relifing. This solemn dedication and perseverance can be felt throughout the cloning commission as they continue with their sacred mission to eradicate death in Origin and beyond. Reporting from the Cloning Commission headquarters in Foundation City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan

Origin Rebuilds from Sacking Amidst Major Population Reduction

Transhumanity Today

Origin Rebuilds from Sacking Amidst Major Population Reduction

By Mira Ming Wei

Foundation City, Renaissance – A month has passed since the orbital infrastructure of Origin was sacked in a brutal siege that left nearly two million sentients dead. Reconstruction of the system has been slow, with remaining defense forces left skittish and on edge, fearful of losing the last remaining footholds they have present in system, while a massive withdrawal of civilians from Origin has been ongoing since the invaders withdrew.

Many of the more financially well off citizens of Origin have stated that the short but brutal conflict caused them to lose confidence in the Alexylva Paradox’s ability to defend the system from hostile threats to the population and as a result they have chosen to fleet to the relative safety of high security space.

Nearly four million people have left Origin in the wake of the siege and labor shortages have begun to pile up in some industries. With more citizens preparing to depart, it is estimated by some that the system may see up to a 50% reduction in population by the end of the year.

However, many of those who call Origin home hailed originally from impoverished systems, refugee camps, or were victims of political, religious, and ideological oppression. In particular the population of humanoid AIs are still considered illegal under CONCORD law within known space. These groups and those holding Origin’s transhumanist ethos closer to heart have doubled down on the promise of the system, vowing to rebuild and repair, turning the system once more into a bastion for the dispossessed of Known Space.

Black Plan forces have begun trickling back out of hiding, having performed a dangerous maneuver they’ve referred to as a relativistic warp slingshot in order to escape from invading forces. This maneuver somehow launched them through the star and compressed the passage of time aboard their ships. The details of the manuever and what modifications were performed to the vessels to enable them are still considered classified, but sources close to the Board of Coordinators have indicated that the strange anomalous signal from Isis may have played a role in the operation. The Alexylva Paradox continues to lick its wounds and slowly re-acquire system defense assets, but Saede Riordan has vowed to continue defending the system as long as the people of Origin continue to share in the dream of a better world it represents.

The cloning of those lost in the battles have been proceeding at a slow but steady pace. Indigo City’s destruction caused a contraction in cloning capacity, but re-lifing is still continuing at a rate of nearly 100,000 per month, with more cloning facilities planned and under construction to speed up the process further. The current timeline expects all citizens killed to be relifed by June of YC122. Speaking from Foundation City, I’m Mira Ming Wei, and you’re reading Transhumanity Today.

Saede Riordan