Origin News

News articles from and about Origin

Following Referendum, Origin Votes to Aid EDENCOM 6.1.YC122
Following Outbreak of Hostilities in New Eden, Origin Declares Neutrality 5.29.YC122
Bad Gateway? 9.11.YC121
Somber Notes Carry the Day at Landfall Festival 7.8.YC121
Gateway: “Triglavians No Immediate Threat” 5.2.YC121
Gateway Called Back By OCP 4.1.YC121
Origin↔Destination (O↔D) Under Investigation, Intersystem Flights Suspended Following Security Breach 11.28.YC120
Cloning Woes Plague Relifing Efforts 10.16.YC120
Relief and Celebrations Following OSS Repair 9.17.YC120
Gateway Ship Spotted 8.1.YC120
Origin Rebuilds from Sacking Amidst Major Population Reduction 5.25.YC120
Invading Forces Evacuate, Origin Secured 4.25.YC120
Origin is Burning 4.18.YC120
Orbital Facilities Destroyed Across Origin 4.14.YC120
BREAKING: Origin Under Attack! 4.12.YC120
Research Into Stellar Anomaly Ongoing 9.17.YC119
Diplomatic Overtures 6.5.YC119
Community Memorial Center to Open 11.11.YC118
Icarus Theatre Aflame 11.10.YC118
BREAKING: Origin Invaded! 10.7.YC118
Building a Home 8.28.YC118
Horde Incursion Obliterated 8.13.YC118
Massacre at Tearnix Launch 7.14.YC118
Heritage Day in New Hyjn 6.30.YC118
Stellar Anomaly Causing Mental Illness? 5.18.YC117
Office of Central Reconnaissance Disbanded, Criminal Referenda Completes 4.19.YC117
Prison Closing Leaves Prisoners in Limbo 3.14.YC117
Judicial Convention Decline to Press Charges in Weathergate leaks 2.14.YC117
Referenda Results Released 1.21.YC117
Press Statement Regarding OCR Leaks 1.14.YC117
OCR Leak Revelations 1.12.YC117
Contact Made with Escaped Slaves in Argeria 1.9.YC117
BREAKING: Office of Central Reconnaissance Scandalized by Leak 1.7.YC117
Search for Wall Runner Survivors On Hold 11.20.YC116
BREAKING: Search Team Found Crucified In Argeria! 11.18.YC116
Search for Crashed Transport Ship Continues 11.16.YC116
BREAKING: Transport Ship Crashes on Arboria, Indigo City Suffers Power Failure! 11.9.YC116
Treat or Taboo? The Developing Market of Designer Vat Meats 10.21.YC116
Skyreach Quarantine Report Leaves More Questions then Answers 10.20.YC116
Unauthorized Industry Shut Down, Controversy Ensues 10.14.YC116
Clone Shortage Continues, No End in Sight 10.10.YC116
Missing Scientists Spark Ethics Debate 2.14.YC116
Foundation City Development Ahead of Schedule 1.27.YC116
Recently Discovered Fungus Presents Trouble for Farming Co-Op 1.23.YC116

New Eden News

News articles from New Eden at large

BREAKING: Free Skarkon Takes Melorisagard, Iddiserigard 7.7.YC122
BREAKING: Massive Atmospheric Displacements Detected as UNF Combined Arms Force Inserts Over Sahaal 7.5.YC122
Angel Cartel Evacuates Skarkon Following Stunning Orbital Strikes 6.29.YC122
Hit Squad Kills Nine in Sahaal 6.19.YC122
Triglavians Routed, Kril Efrit Appointed as Khumatar 6.15.YC122
BREAKING: Triglavians Invade Skarkon! 6.13.YC122
Krullefor Forces Pushed Out of Gulormola Autonomous Zone 6.12.YC122
Sahaal Protests Turn Violent 6.7.YC122
Protests Spread Across Molden Heath and Beyond 5.28.YC122
Protests in Sahaal continue as Gulormola and Ishohuolvi Declare Independence 5.18.YC122
Skarkon II Continues to Destabilize 5.15.YC122
BREAKING: Kor’ali Rocked By Massive Explosion 5.12.YC122
Diplomat Dating Disaster 8.9.YC119
SeyCon5 “After-party” Impacts Production 7.10.YC118
Schoorasana Saviour Secretly Sansha Slaver!?! 4.20.YC116

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