Named Origin by her colonists, J120442 is a class two system in wormhole space settled by the Origin Colonial Authority and protected by the Alexylva Paradox. With a population of nearly twenty million, Origin is a fiercely independent system with its own government and many diverse populations.


Nearly twenty million colonists from all across Known Space call Origin home. The system is a refuge for transhumanists and outcasts of all stripes. As it is free from CONCORD regulations, it has become a beacon of hope to those whose forms of existence violate Known Space laws.


Origin has cities and settlements scattered all across her nine planets and thirteen moons, not to mention a healthy amount of orbital infrastructure. The worlds of Origin boast a wealth of impressively varied terrain, including four temperate planets, each with their own unique forms of native live.


Origin is a constitutional cellular democracy operated on demarchist principles by a quincencameral government. Known as the Exodus Charter, the constitution of Origin is the only governing document to grant full rights to nonhuman sentients.