The majority of the Origin population lives on the surface of the system’s planets, although the not insubstantial remainder lives among the various stations and installations in orbit around the system. Origin’s economy is heavily socialised, with all citizens of Origin receiving a living allowance capable of supporting them and allowing them to pursue whatever interests them. This has led to a large boom in the restaurant and entertainment industries, and has thus far had the intended effect of encouraging growth and development.

The people of Origin are referred to by the demonym of Sentients. As a people, sentients are a near universal immigrant population owing to the system’s incredibly young age. With the immigration rate only recently contributing fewer people per second to the system population versus the local birth rate.

Property rights on Origin are managed on a first come, first serve basis, however these areas are opened up one at a time, to ensure those who come to the system later have a chance to acquire land. Despite the growing population, only a small fraction of the available land areas have been allocated thus far, and growth is expected to be able to continue for decades to come, before population pressures begin to negatively affect the system.

The Government of Origin takes great pains to care for and nurture its population, as a result nearly 96% of the adult population have clone backups made using the Riordan-Nilanth Gravitational Resonance Imager, with the remainder being composed of either those too young to be backed up, or those who chose against re-lifing for various religious or moral reasons.

Sentient families tend to be centered around family and clan structures, though emotional ties just as often play a role in a group that may act as a family. They tend to be fairly collectivist with an emphasis on shared resources and taking care of less able members. Family units also tend to be fiercely protective of children, who cannot be ‘backed up’ and cloned until around the age of 13. Communities can and will use lethal force against individuals who so much as harm a child, much less kill one. Legal sentences for harming a child in any capacity tend to be Eviction from the system. Punishments for crimes involving child victims tend harsher as a rule. The Origin Child Protection has so much authority that even Coordinators have little sway over it.


Origin is a very diverse system populated by many different groups and peoples. The demographic analysis presented here, while capturing the majority of the population, should be considered non-exhaustive. Also of note is that many people will belong to two or more of these groups.


Biological humans make up a bit less than half of the total population of sentients within Origin. They are sorted into four major demographic blocs which are further subdivided into many smaller blocs along various political, economic, and ethnic lines.

The Colonialists

Largely baseline human colonists make up the majority of the population of Origin. These groups tend to have immigrated for economic reasons, seeing Origin as a potential land of wealth and opportunity where they can rise above their prior stations. They tend to lean conservative economically if not also politically, representing a political counterweight to some of the more radical elements of the population.

Corporate Missions

Long term business contractors, usually possessing dual citizenship with a New Eden based Empire or Megacorporation. They tend to be aggressively capitalist or secretly socialist depending usually on seniority. As a demographic bloc they trend towards conservative economic policy.

The Settler Coalition

The majority of the people settled on the planets of Origin belong to the Settler Coalition, which forms the majority party within the electable positions within the government. Members of the settler coalition come from all nations and all walks of life, united in the goal to build a new home for themselves in Origin. The coalition makes up the largest portion of the colonialist bloc, though its large size and wide ranging membership leads to it being moderate and liberal on most positions, and internal divisiveness is a constant factor.

The Spacers Guild

The spacers guild are the associations and unions of the various starship and station crews. United by pursuit of collective bargaining rights, the Spacers Guild represents a powerful political bloc, and forms the main opposition to the Settler Coalition. While significantly smaller than the Settler Coalition, their general unity and internal organisation makes them a major force within systemwide politics.

The Augmented

Augmented or cybernetically modified humans make up a significant portion of the demographics within Origin. The members of this bloc immigrated largely to take advantage of local laws concerning body autonomy and rights around cyborgs, clones, and networked minds. Most if not all sentients within this bloc lean socially and politically liberal.


The largest portion of the augmented are individuals that have chosen to receive personal cybernetic augmentations of some form. The amount of augmentation possessed by members of this bloc can vary wildly, with individuals sporting everything from visible augments worn as fashion statements, to largely invisible augs like AR chips, to advanced combat wetware and everything in between. Cybernetic augmentations are extremely common in Origin, with the vast majority of biological sentients sporting at the very least a memorycell for backing up memories and a neural lace for interfacing with the system intranet.


Conjoiners are groups of individuals networked together in pseudo-hiveminds of various sizes. The majority of them live within small communities known as Techno-communes, though they can be found anywhere and among all walks of life. Most conjoiner networks include 5-10 individuals, although some can be as large as 400 before the connections become saturated. Most conjoiners live together in communal housing, although in some cases, members of the network will go out into the wider system, seeking sensory experiences for the rest of the collective. A few Networks have members across every planet in Origin. While conjoiners largely retain their individuality, they often have a reputation for appearing like one superorganism from the outside. It’s not unheard of for a conjoiner to remember a conversation they were not party to but another conjoiner in the same network was as if they were there. Conjoiners in more tightly knit networks with sufficient infrastructure can and will trade bodies on occasion amongst themselves. Portions of the Origin Colonial Authority rely extensively on conjoiner networks to hold meetings above the local level, and all the Coordinators, the top level of executive hierarchy, are part of the same conjoiner network.


Multiples are individuals with multiple clones active, usually in multiple locations with their consciousness distributed between all their various bodies using networking technology. Because this act is considered illegal by CONCORD, seeking to become a multiple has led many of these people to Origin, where existing as a multiple is permitted. Multiples come from every race and culture, but there is a strong tendency to identify as a multiple first, and everything else second, among those unique individuals.. Most multiple systems are run as if all active bodies are the limbs of a single consciousness, but conjoiner-like hybrids do exist where each body gains and portrays a distinct mental instance if not a full separate personality. Alexylva Paradox founder and System Coordinator Saede Riordan is a well known multiple due to her continued flaunting of her multiple status to CONCORD. Industrial Coordinator Solu Terona is a notable member of the hybrid group.


The Capsuleers are capsule pilots or those training to be capsule pilots within one of the schools of Origin. Although small in number, they are immensely powerful, and their abilities often rocket them into positions of importance within the system.

The Absolved

The Absolved are groups of sentients that immigrated largely for reasons of religious persecution, including Amarrian slave practices. They tend towards Social Conservatism as a whole, though the range of political ideology within the bloc is nearly as wide as the it is with the colonialists.

The Arakida Tribe

The Arakida tribe is an association of Minmatar clans within Origin. Although not the largest bloc, the tribe’s strong cultural and political unity makes them a formidable force within the government. The Arakida Tribe is not recognized by the other tribes as legitimate, and thus many of the clans within the Arakida Tribe are considered traitors by their original tribes. Arakida posits that all tribes came into existence by splintering and fusing from other tribes, older and now extinct, and that the formation of a new tribe is simply an extension of this, providing unity to the minmatar community that would otherwise be fragmented along tribal lines. Not all minmatar clans within Origin are part of the Arakida tribe, and all the tribes have at least a few clans in Origin, however, the majority of the minmatar population in Origin belongs to Arakida.

The Sani Sabidine

A pacifistic splinter sect of the Sani Sabik, long persecuted for its associations with the larger Sani Sabik cult, the Sani Sabidine share the belief that blood is sacred, but they view the drawing of blood to be sacrilege against God, leading to a pacifistic nature that abhors all violence as an affront to their deity. The majority of their culture lives a simple agrarian existence in townships and monasteries, but they can also be found at the center of most in system charity organizations. While they refuse to draw blood and thus reject most modern medicine, they tend to make fantastic field medics and often send aid workers to the sites of major disasters.

The Abolitionists

Ex-Orthodox Amarrian’s fleeing heresy charges in the Empire, usually for holding anti-slavery positions. They make up one of the most conservative blocs within Origin, though they are still far too liberal for life within the Amarr Empire proper. Several Gallente/Amarr churches whose main presence is in the Federation also maintain facilities and congregations within the larger cities of Origin.

The Techno-Psychologists

The Techno-psychologists represent a small portion of the total population of Origin, despite their small size, their influence has been disproportionately large due to the extreme levels of cohesion present within the various elements of their movement. The Techno-psychologists seek to create cultures and societies experimentally, and find new forms of economics, culture, and social interaction in an attempt to create more ideal societies. Small test batch communities, operating under semi-closed conditions, are spread all across remote areas of the system to study their evolution over time.

The Coalescents

The Coalescents are an attempt to create a functional ‘human hive,’ through the application of social pressures and dynamics as opposed to networking technology. The mostly female population of Hive City on Renaissance is nearly 100,000 strong, with several town sized outlying settlements. As a group, the coalescents lean massively economically liberal but tend to occupy a somewhat oddly conservative social niche given their unique social structure.

The Decentralizers

The Decentralizers can be found among most of Origin’s various population groups, but the majority tend to live in small independent planetside communities. The Decentralizers hold the view that closed, centralized institutions are inherently flawed systems that are both inefficient and very corruptable, seeing concentration of power as undesirable. Although some are seeking to replace those institutions by talking to and working with the Colonial Authority, the majority of the Decentralizers are part of the Bypass movement. They are working to bypass the institutions, such as banks, schools, governmental branches and corporations, making them obsolete by creating open, transparent and decentralized alternatives. The Gallente Tary LaCote is the most renowned participant in the Bypass movement, but as one would expect, there is no official leader. They tend to be highly socially liberal and economically capitalist.


Digitals are the catchall top level demographic category for any nonhuman sentient AI. Advances in AI and a friendly regulatory environment resulted in a rapid explosion in the population of sentient digital beings. Because of CONCORD directive Omega-15, these sentients are considered illegal in New Eden and would be aggressively hunted down outside Origin. Their inability to exist safely in Known Space has meant that while the biological population of Origin underwent a major contraction following the sacking of Origin in YC120, the digital population has only continued to grow and now make up over half of the total system population.


Bioroids are AI who’ve taken a human body and present largely as human, although for the most part they do not hide their digital origins. They can be part of any of the Biological groups but tend to be significantly more financially and socially liberal than the group mean. Bee-3, an in system celebrity, has claimed to be one. They are also the only part of the digital bloc capable of visiting New Eden due to CONCORD grey area surrounding sentient AI law.


Holos are AIs who take on a purely digital form. Most have avatars they can pull up when a spatial presence is required but almost none of them are humanoid and their avatars tend to appear either heavily augmented or heavily genetically modified depending on individual preference. The Sentient Equilibrium falls under this category, taking the form of a 4D puzzle cube repeatedly solving and scrambling itself.


Evos are an insular group of AI’s who don’t follow human social dynamics and norms. Most attempts to gain insight into Evo social practices have met middling if any success and most of their social structure remains ill understood. While they are rare participants in system politics, it’s evident they can act within human social norms when required. They after often known for oddball ideas when they do join groups. Their name comes from the “Evolution Project” that birthed the first members.


Swarms are the digital counterpart to the biological Coalescents and operate as large hives of drones. The swarms often face discrimination due to fears of a swarm going rogue, leading them to be fairly socially isolated from much of the rest of the system political structure, although a few notable swarms have formed strong alliances with the coalescents. Politically, they are almost universally communist and highly liberal.